June 2017 was yet again a month to award our hardworking team. This month, the awards went to Uzair Khan and Sanjula Miglani.

Here’s an exclusive interview with the recipients:


Uzair Khan
Deals & Promotions Associate

At CashKaro since October 2015




Q. What is the first thing that comes to your mind about CashKaro?

A. Energy! The floor radiates energy, it’s like a nuclear fission is always taking place here, with our co-founders as the source of fuel. The moment you enter the office you feel this energy gushing into you and with the right attitude you put this energy to something constructive.

 Q. When did you join CashKaro and how has your journey been?

A. I joined CashKaro on 13th October 2015. The journey has been awesome. I am not saying it has been pleasant but it has been adventurous, apparently smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support from my colleagues and seniors, of which there is abundance.

Q. Talk about your Award. What did it take to get there?

A. I still remember, it was sale period and we had huge sale events lined up for midnight. With all the work pending I was standing there waiting for the award distribution ceremony to get over so I can rush back to my work, without realizing that it’s my turn to touch the stars (or become a star :D). And then, I hear Swati announcing my name. I was taken by surprise and had a big grin on my face for quite a few days. Obviously it took hard work to reach there, but I just want to say that, sometimes the wolf is the strength of the pack, but most of the time it’s the pack which forms the strength of the wolf. My Superstar Award is dedicated to my wolf pack, my team.


Q. Describe a typical day at CashKaro?

A. For me a day at CashKaro means updating our website with the latest offers, analyzing retailer performance and giving proper media space to the most performing retailers. This process is the primary work for CashKaro and being a part of this means almost every team counts on you for completing their goals.

Q. What have you learnt here?

A. It has all been learning for me at CashKaro. My learning has been both on technical and non-technical fronts. I now possess knowledge of Google Analytics, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, CRM to name a few. Not just this, at CashKaro I have grown as an individual, I am now able to analyze things and make quick decisions in a much better and logical way.

Q. Perks of working at CashKaro?

A. I feel it is only at CashKaro that everyone promotes and supports you when you want to learn something new and they don’t get tired of your questions (read stupid questions). In fact there had been instances where I had to ask small things repeatedly from Rohan Bhargava himself, and every time I have received a very polite answer. This patience and support towards subordinates is something I truly admire about both of CashKaro’s co-founders.

Above all – Nobody parties like we do.

Q. One special memorable incident that you can recall?

A.I can write an entire book on this, it’s quite saddening that you asked for only one. The most memorable was during my one on one with Swati Bhargava when she told me “Everyone at CashKaro respects Uzair and I feel there is no task which you can’t do.”  The confidence and trust she puts in her employees is exemplary.   


Sanjula Miglani

Assistant Manager, Marketing & Alliances

At CashKaro Since April 2016




Q.What is the first thing that comes to your mind about CashKaro?

A. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of CashKaro is FAMILY. Family thinks of you first and then come others, that’s exactly how I feel here. My father was the one who taught me how to save money that every penny counts, CashKaro gave me a medium to keep doing it over and again.

Q. When did you join CashKaro and how has your journey been?

A. It’s been 1 and a half year that I have been working with CashKaro, the journey was amazing. Working closely with both Rohan and Swati only taught me things I couldn’t learn in any college, in any school and neither could have learned at any other workplace. If I just had to say this in a line I’d say the journey has just begun.

Q. Talk about your Award. What did it take to get there?

A. I guess what got me here were mistakes, pressure, stress and skills. At every step I was given a challenge and the right tools to overcome the challenge. The teammates were amazing, the environment was superb and my bosses were my best friends, these were all rewards, the award just came along.


Q. Describe a typical day at CashKaro?

A. When you have loads to do, too little time, a lot of fun in the midst and deadlines are still met, that’s my typical day at CashKaro.

Q. What have you learnt here?

A. I’ve learnt many things here but one thing that has stuck is something Rohan keeps telling me – We should aim for perfection, we might never reach there but in the attempt we will attain excellence. And that’s all that matters.

Q. Perks of working at CashKaro?

A. It doesn’t feel like work, it feels like I come to the office and have fun every day. In my personal dictionary fun and work have replaced meanings, I guess that’s the perk of working at CashKaro

Q. One special memorable incident that you can recall?

A. I remember when I came to the office how everyone here made me feel like I have been a part of CashKaro since its inception. That’s something I have never been able to forget and that’s something that’s stayed the same. It’s the memories that make a place a beautiful, it’s the people that keep it alive. Truly CashKaro is that place – my happy place.

Let’s see who’s next in line to win this coveted award. Till then, keep up the awesome work, team! 

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