For pouty lips or a dimpled smile, actresses from tinsel town have taken drastic steps to look flawless nonetheless. Even actors have not refrained from this plastic surgery phenomenon to magnify their on-screen personas. Care to have a look?

Kareena Kapoor

From jaw-line enhancements to lip injections, the Kapoor diva has opted for all of them.


But if you, my smart girlfriend, need to sharpen your front face, all you have to do is use  palette with which you would be ready with perfect cheekbones in no time.

Kangana Ranaut

Although gifted with naturally sculpted looks, a lean structure, curly hair and a beautiful smile, Kangana still chose to get a few stiches and trims around her nose and chin to sharpen up her face. She may never confirm this herself, but could her pictures over the years lie? Certainly not!


It takes only a few concealing brushes up and down with careful practice to flaunt a sharper nose even if you don’t have it. The trick is to blend subtle pink shades of blushers across the cheeks and a deeper lip colour to complete that flawless look.

Anushka Sharma

Remember the negative attention she drew in that (in)-famous KWK episode? An entire rhinoplasty plus sutures around the base of her nose, this was an example of a cosmetic surgery gone all wrong!


We don’t know what made her do it, but with the right highlighters up your sleeve, you can certainly do better! Make sure that you got a moisturized base, after which you should take a smooth brush and work with a correcting and contouring palette on that area to create contour lines that broaden your smile without any abruptness. A darker lip liner blended with a moisturizing lipstick would also help in making your lips fuller.

Vani Kapoor

The Befikre diva received flak for her recently chiseled look as compared to her previous look prior to her previous venture. This was not a case of smoke without a fire. She got her chin rimmed down to complement the whole shape of her face. It also looks like she got some steroidal injections here and there.

19-1426756525-vaani-kapoorTo sport this LED-like spotless glow, all you need is concealer that is a shade closest to your complexion and an equally perfecting illuminator. We recommend the L. A. Girl Pro Conceal HD and the Ultime Pro Metaliglow Topaz 03, available on

Kourtney Kadarshian

How can we forget these sizzling sisters? From facelifts to cheekbone enhancements, Kadarshian Jr tried everything to keep her facial profile a perfect ten.

kourtney-kardashian-plastic-surgery-ppThis cheekbone shortening wouldn’t be necessary if you opt for a top notch highlighter and add contour lines using darker shades of maroon.

Did you know that even some men have not shied away from this phenomenon?

Johnny Depp

johnny-deppNow, this is one really startling transformation that has had us all drooling over! His face lifts definitely paused his aging process. He’s been an honest one to confess that he went for reconstruction surgeries as he got some injuries on his nose. But these pictures might be revealing more than that!

Robert Pattinson

Women may be gushing over the fact that he’s the second most desirable man, next only to Tom Cruise. But this guy has taken a lot of pain, albeit cuts and stitches to make it up there!!

robert-pattinson-plastic-surgeryThe Twilight guy definitely got a nose job to complement his chiseled chin plus some enhancements near the border of the lips. His smile sure did become a lot more sweeter.

Tell us below, if you would opt for such drastic steps or would you like to keep makeup items to enhance your first impressions?


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