Check out the number one women’s magazine in Malayalam, Vanitha!

Published by Malayala Manorama, Vanitha is a fortnightly women’s magazine. Vanitha literally translates to ‘woman’ in Malayalam. It is not a strictly women’s magazine anymore and features content on various issues.

Here are some facts about Vanitha!

  • It was launched in 1975, the international year for women.
  • Women loved this magazine immediately as it was a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.
  • It features content about grooming, etiquettes, fashion, cinema, sports and fitness.
  • Vanitha is credited for empowering women in Kerala and helping them break gender barriers.
  • It initially started as a monthly magazine but began to get published on a  fortnightly basis since 1987.
  • A Hindi version of the magazine is also published since 1997.

Aimed to promote awareness and health among women, Vanitha has been helping women in Kerala overcome a lot of obstacles. Start reading Vanitha or recommend to someone who might need it today!

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