Jan 30, 1974 will be remembered in history for a long, long time and the reason is that the Batman superstar, Christian Bale, was born on that day. The perfectionist Dark Knight is so much more than our Knight in shining armour, and his films and life has been an example of that. Today as he rings in his 42nd birthday, looking back at his body transformations is definitely the order of the day!

American Psycho

The actor who says “Acting is all I know,” sure knows how to look the part in order to play the part. Look at him chiseled up for this 2000 flick.


Well, no body fat, muscle power and chesty abs are all he has, after a yearlong workout + diet regime.


He followed it up with a toned and weighty look for his 2002 release.

Equilibrium Christian Bale © Dimension Films. All Rights Reserved.
Equilibrium Christian Bale© Dimension Films. All Rights Reserved.

Flashy abs in the exterior and a minuscule of fat in the middle – that’s quite a shoulder that can take the weight of the world.


What followed next was indisputable, scary and goose balls all in the same frame. Honestly, it’s hard to believe that it’s him looking like a tour guide to hell in 2004.


Batman Begins

Much after his push down to just 120 lbs. in Machinist he was back to 220 lbs. in a shocking 6 months and voila, Batman was ready!



He stunned us as a husky street guy in 2010 …


His hard work on character-building was unmissable. All of a sudden, he looked like a NY man without any qualms of age, health and fitness whatsoever in this 2013 release.

Out of the Furnace

Suddenly, we get to see him looking somewhat normal!

M 014 Christian Bale stars in Relativity Media’s Out of the Furnace. Photo Credit: Kerry Hayes © 2012 Relativity Media.
M 014 Christian Bale stars in Relativity Media’s Out of the Furnace. Photo Credit: Kerry Hayes © 2012 Relativity Media.

American Hustle

Another movie from the same year, did you know that he took a 360 degree turnaround for this one? Check this out:


This definitely seems to be a product of a bulky strength-training module with a no-inhibitions diet chart!

Exodus: Gods and Kings

In Exodus, one of his most recent releases, he bummed us again … and boy, did he look hot as hell.

christian-bale-in-ridley-scotts-exodus-gods-and-kingsAfter such massive workouts and difficult body transformations, it’s really hard to believe that all of these characters were played by the same man. Not only does each character look distinct from the other but the characters were also portrayed diversely by this Oscar winning actor!

We bow down to your multiple talents, sir!

Raising a toast to this method actor par excellence on his birthday from the team at CashKaro!!

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