CashKaro is a great place to learn and a big chance to grow. We don’t need to explain this further because the way CashKaro’s team has evolved over the last few years showcases that well.

The Customer Relationship Management Team has been an integral part of the company’s journey and this team handles a large pool of tasks amidst responding to thousands of customer calls, emails and messages. When we met up with the superbly talented and extremely patient members of CashKaro’s core CRM team, we had an enchanting experience too.

Let’s hear a few excerpts of what CK Superstars  Priyanka Sharma and Pankaj Maheshwari have to say about Life@CashKaro.


Priyanka Sharma

Customer Relationship Management Associate

Working at CashKaro since November 2014

Q. What is the first thing that comes to your mind about CashKaro?

Priyanka: It’s more like a home away from home, where we get an amicable work environment with the most supportive team members. This has been my best place to work!

Q.  When did you join CashKaro and how has your journey been?

Priyanka: I joined CashKaro in November 2014. Last 2.5 years have been really wonderful. The journey has been an all round learning process and I utilised my knowledge for the growth of the company.


Q. Talk about your Award. What did it take to get there?

Priyanka: The Award came as a surprise to me, and it’s one of my fondest memories of working here. I have learned so much more in the last few years and I believe the hard work and dedication has become so much more appreciable with my team’s support.  It’s become an even bigger motivation for me as I look at the road ahead.

Q: Could you share what you feel are the perks of working at CashKaro?

Priyanka: The company acknowledges and rewards the hard work of employees. The culture is young and free, you get to enjoy the work you do because of the free-spirited colleagues. We keep having quirky events and parties where some of our colleagues surprise us with their hidden talents. I’ve always felt like giving my best at work so that when we party together, we party to the fullest.


Pankaj Maheshwari

Customer Relationship Management Associate

Working at CashKaro since December 2015

Q. What is the first thing that comes to your mind about CashKaro?

Pankaj: The first thing comes in my mind about CashKaro is ‘How you can make and save your money’. Cashback is a beautiful concept by which you can save money on your online purchases.

Q.  When did you join CashKaro and how has your journey been?

Pankaj: I joined CashKaro on 14th December 2015 and it has been a great journey so far. I really love the working environment of CashKaro and the positive energy which is given by the employees towards the company’s growth and achievements. Our bosses do appreciate our hard work and dedication towards to our work.

Q. Talk about your Award. What did it take to get there?

Pankaj: It always feels great when you get recognised for your hard work by the management of your company. I just did my work with full dedication and faith in myself.

Q. Could you tell us how a typical day at CashKaro is for you?

Pankaj: A typical day at CashKaro starts from midnight actually when our super active promotions team make the latest offers live. You reach work that morning and see it’s already full of energetic people doing their part of the job. As a part of CRM team, I am involved in getting sales as well, hence my work becomes two-fold – resolving customer’s queries and promoting the offers as well. The day passes by and you don’t even realise the stress because you are that much involved in your work. A treat from CashKaro to their employees in the evening makes it an even more energetic day.^A86C4150D568D4FF3D474348489A000826B292E90A0ADA5ED5^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

Q: What have you learnt here?

Pankaj: I have learnt a lot of things in my role working in CRM at CashKaro. First thing which I learnt here is to be patient while talking to customers and solving their queries. You need to remember that you are presenting a brand and customer is the first priority for us. You need to be calm, positive, polite and helpful while you are talking to a customer which all I learnt here in CashKaro.

Q: Perks of working at CashKaro?

Pankaj: The biggest perks of working here at CashKaro are that you get to enjoy what you do. If I’m good at something other than what I am presently doing, I am allowed to do that as well. This helps me build my career in the right direction – not many companies allow you to do this.

Shine on, CashKaro Superstars (\m/)

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