Claz: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Price, Composition, Precautions & More

Claz Composition – Gliclazide (30mg)
Manufactured By – Franco-Indian Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Prescription – Prescription Required
Form – Tablet
Price – Rs 31.25
Quantity – 10 tablets in 1 strip

What Is Claz ?

Claz contains Clarithromycinas it’s active ingredient. It is a bactericidal antibiotic used for the treatment of various infections caused by bacteria. It is also used in a combination with other medicines for the treatment of Helicobacter pylori infections.

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Uses Of Claz

Claz is used for the treatment of –

  • Pharyngitis/Tonsilitis
  • Bronchitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Helicobacter pylori Infection
  • Skin and Skin Structure Infection
  • Ear Infection (Otitis Media)
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Claz Composition

  • Clarithromycinas
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How Does Claz  Work?

Clarithromycin is known as a macrolide antibiotic. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria.This antibiotic treats only bacterial infections. It will not work for viral infections (such as common cold, flu).

Claz Price in India

Specifics Claz Price
Claz 250mg Tablet Rs 100
Claz OD 60mg Tablet Rs 52
Claz 500mg Tablet Rs 380.96
Claz OD 30mg Tablet Rs 31.25
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How to Take Claz?

Claz tablets are meant to be taken orally, with or without food.

Common Dosage Of Claz

Common dosage of Claz is 500 mgevery 12 hours for 14 days.

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When to Avoid Claz& Precautions To Take?

Do not consume the medicine if you are allergic to it.

This medicine should be used with caution in patients with severe lever diseases.

This medicine should be used with extreme caution in patients with a known history of arrhythmias, heart diseases.

This medicine should be used with extreme caution in patients having a history of gastrointestinal diseases, particularly colitis, due to the increased risk of worsening of the patient’s condition.

This medicine should be used with caution in patients with a known history of myasthenia gravis

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Side Effects Of Claz

Common side effects include –

  • Fever or chills
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin Rash
  • Acid or sour stomach
  • Excessive air or gas in stomach
  • Headache
  • Heartburn
  • Dizziness
  • Lower back pain

Effect on Organs?

Claz may adversely affect the cardiovascularsystem.

Claz may impair renal and hepatic functions.

Reported Allergic Reactions?

Allergic reactions to the drug have been reported. Symptoms include difficulty in breathing, severe skin rashes, headache, dizziness, dry mouth, fever etc. Seek immediate medical attention in such cases.

Drug Interactions to be careful about?

Claz interacts with the following drugs –

  • Clonazepam
  • Amiodarone
  • Pimozide
  • Ethinyl Estradiol
  • Atorvastatin
  • Digoxin
  • Carbamazepine

Shows Effects/Results In

Onset of actioncanbe seen within 2 to 3 hours of administration of the dose.

Duration of effect of this medicine has not been established clinically.

Storage Requirements for Claz

Store at room temperature, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Keep away from reach of children and pets.

Pro Tips When Taking Claz

Ensure that the treatment course is completed. Do not stop the use of this medicine without consulting your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Claz addictive?


Can I have Claz with alcohol?


Any particular food item to be avoided?


Can I have Claz when pregnant?

Avoid unless absolutely necessary.

Can I have Claz when feeding a baby?

Avoid unless absolutely necessary.

Can I drive after taking Claz?


What happens if I overdose on Claz?

Seek medical attention upon over dosing of medicine.

What happens if I eat expired Claz?

No major side effect is seen upon consumption of a single dose of expired medicine. However, if you notice any severe side effects, immediately inform your doctor.

What happens if I miss a dose of Claz?

Take the missed dose as soon as you remember.

If it’s almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose

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