Eating and dining out is something almost every individual enjoys. Millennials for sure choose eating out over the desire to cook at home.  Does it ever come as a surprise that you end up spending way more money on food than you initially intended to? Whenever you visit a restaurant, you surely shell good money and believe it or not, restaurants are designed for you to do that.

Check out these clever and ingenious ways in which restaurants and eateries are designed to make you spend more money on food:

Reading Pattern

reading menu card

It has been proven by various studies that the human eye usually starts reading from the top right hand corner on a menu card and the gaze then shifts to the top left corner. The eye then shifts its gaze to the lower right hand corner and finally the left hand corner. Most restaurants use this factor when designing menus and present expensive and important items on the right side of the menu card.

You can see this if you visit fast-food outlets like McDonald’s. Though you use McDonalds promo code to get discounts, you can easily fall for this trick from these outlets. Make sure you look for items that you’d really want to have and ditch those high-priced foods at McDonald’s and other fast-food outlets.

Fancy Descriptions

dinner-menus-4-728Unnecessary and over stylized descriptions increase the chance of you ordering a dish by 30%. When you read adjectives like “sun kissed tomatoes”,”drizzled with caramelized onions”, chances are you will pick the dish even if you have no idea what it will end up tasting like. There is now an easy way to save money, you can make use of swiggy coupons via CashKaro and earn extra Cashback on your orders and not fall into this sneaky trap!

Limiting Choice


It is often seen that when we visit restaurants that have a variety of eating options under each category, we find ourselves confused and unable to decide. Smart restaurants design their menu in such a way to not give over seven items under a particular category which helps speed up the decision time. This in turn allows them to serve people faster and usher in the next customer. If you want to do away with the entire money spending spree, just use Dominos coupon to order in some inexpensive yet delicious pizzas.

Color me Red 

restaurant-riad-fes3 (1)A lot of restaurants and eating joints use the color red in their interior decor. Be it painting walls, using furniture or the lighting, the color red always acts as a catalyst and makes you feel hungry. This in turn makes you order bigger helpings or larger quantity of food.

Music to your Ears

hard_rock_cafe_se_galleryfullMusic too has been found to affect the amount of time you spend at eating joints. Slow classical music prolongs your stay by almost 13 minutes. Fine dining restaurants and huge chains tend to play slower music to make you stay longer and in turn order more. Fast food chains on the other hand play faster music to serve you faster and in turn serve more customers thereby increasing their sales.

It’s amazing how such small factors can impact the amount of money one spends. You can however, always thank CashKaro which has your back and helps you save every time!

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