Clotrimazole: Uses, Dosage, Price, Side Effects, Precautions & More

Clotrimazole: Uses, Dosage, Price, Side Effects, Precautions & More

What is Clotrimazole?

  • It is used for the treatment, control, prevention, & improvement of fungal infections of-
  • Mouth or throat
  • Oesophagus
  • Genital tract
  • Diaper rash
  • Toenails
  • Fingernails
  • Skin infections such as athlete’s foot and ringworm infections and certain kind of dandruff.

It can be taken by mouth or applied as a cream to the skin or in the vagina.

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Uses of Clotrimazole

  • Clotrimazole is an anti-fungal medicine which is used to treat a wide variety of fungal infections.
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How does Clotrimazole works?

  • Clotrimazole belongs to azole group of antifungal medicines.
  • It works by stopping the growth of various types of fungi.
  • It prevents the fungi from producing the membranes that surrounds the fungal cells.

Clotrimazole Price In India

Specifics Clotrimazole Price
20 gm of Tube Rs 50
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How to take Clotrimazole?

  • Clotrimazole is available in the form of tablets, oral suspensions and topical cream.
  • Take this medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor.
  • Clotrimazole tablets – do not swallow it as a whole. Do not chew the tablet. Dissolve tablets in the mouth over 15 to 30 minutes.
  • If you are prescribed a suspension, swish the suspension around in the mouth, and swallow, or spit, as your doctor or pharmacist has instructed.
  • Clotrimazole cream must be applied in a thin layer and evenly to the skin as prescribed by your physician. The initial dose is usually once or twice a day.
  • Clean and dry the area on which Clotrimazole cream has to be used. Hands should be properly washed before and after applying Clotrimazole cream.
  • The area treated with Clotrimazole cream should not be washed immediately after cream application.
  • For vaginal use: Usually, clotrimazole cream, tablets or suppositories are inserted vaginally using the supplied applicator at bedtime to treat fungal infections. Wash your hands. Wear clean cotton underwear during the treatment. You can use a sanitary napkin to protect your clothing or bed sheets, but you must avoid tampons. You can use clotrimazole treatment during your menstrual period.
  • The use of Clotrimazole should be continued as long as recommended by the doctor.

Common dosage of Clotrimazole

  • The drug dosage is decided by the physician based upon:
  • Health status/medical condition of the patient
  • Severity of symptoms
  • Reaction to the first dose
  • History of allergy/drug reactions
  • Consult your doctor before administering in children below 12 years of age.
  • Never use more than the recommended dose or for longer periods of time without doctor’s consent.
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When to avoid Clotrimazole?

Avoid taking Clotrimazole if you have these conditions:

  • Allergy to Clotrimazole, or any other anti-fungal medicines.
  • Always inform your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding your child.

Side effects of Clotrimazole

All medicines have some side effects. Side effects are possible but do not always occur. Consult your doctor if you feel that you have any of them-

  • Difficulty breathing,
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Irritation, discomfort, pain or a burning or stinging sensation
  • Itching
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Reported allergic reactions

  • Clotrimazole is not recommended if you are allergic to any active ingredient or constituents of it.
  • Possible allergic reactions reported are-

itchy rash, swelling, peeling or flaking of the skin, blisters

Drug interactions to be careful about

  • You must inform your doctor about all the drugs, vitamins or herbal supplements you are taking to manage or protect you from drug interactions.
  • All the possible drug interactions might not be listed here. Few common drugs which interact with Clotrimazole include:
  • nystatin,
  • amphotericin B
  • flucytosine

Show effects/Results in

Depends on the condition being treated.


Is it addictive?

No habit forming tendencies have been reported with this medicine.

Can I have Clotrimazole with alcohol?

  • This drug may make you dizzy and taking alcohol with it can make you dizzier.

Any particular food item to be avoided?


Can I have Clotrimazole when pregnant?

  • No. It is not advisable to take Clotrimazole when pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

Can I have Clotrimazole when feeding a baby?

It is not known whether Clotrimazole is excreted in human milk, caution should be exercised when Clotrimazole is used by a nursing women.

Can I drive after taking Clotrimazole?

  • This drug may make you dizzy and weak. Changes in vision can also occur as a side – effect.
  • Kindly refrain from driving if you suffer from any such side-effects which affect your ability to drive.

What happen if I overdose on Clotrimazole?

  • Taking more than prescribed dosage can be harmful and can increase the incidence of side effects
  • In case of over-dosage, consult your doctor immediately.

What happen if I eat expired Clotrimazole?

An expired drug might not be as potent in treating your condition. It is advisable to refrain from using expired drug.

What happen if I miss a dose of Clotrimazole

  • You must take the missed dose as soon as you remember it.
  • But, if it is already time to take the second dose after that – do not take double dose.

Storage requirements for Clotrimazole

  • Tablets should be stored at room temperature 15-25 degree Celsius and protected from light and temperature.
  • Oral solutions should be stored below 25 C but not frozen.


Do not stop taking Clotrimazole or change the dose of this drug without consulting your doctor.

You must not let clotrimazole get into your eyes.

Do not swallow the topical cream, lotion, or solution.

Do not swallow the vaginal tablets or vaginal cream.

If you have a vaginal infection, refrain from sexual intercourse.

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