Cloves are a common spice used in the Indian cuisine, used to enhance the flavour and fragrance of food. It is used whole or in powdered form. However, it also has a great effect on toothache. Toothaches are painful and uncomfortable but clove is one substance which can really help you get quick relief.

Clove oil contains eugenol a natural anesthetic which helps to numb the area where the pain is occurring. Additionally, this wonder anesthetic also reduces swelling and irritation in the affected area.

Several studies have described the efficacy of clove for aches and pains due to its potent anti-inflammatory properties. A British study titled Effectiveness of 0.2% chlorhexidine gel and a eugenol-based paste on postoperative alveolar osteitis in patients having third molars extracted: a randomised controlled clinical trial” found that eugenol can effectively reduce pain, infection and inflammation more than any other type of analgesic. The eugenol –based paste used by the participants in the study healed wounds better than study participants who used other treatment or no treatment at all.

Here are all the benefits of clove for Toothaches.

Benefits of clove for toothache

1. Reduces swelling

The gum swelling and irritation that are characteristic of tooth problems can be soothed using clove. The anti-inflammatory properties of clove oil bring down the swelling and ease the pain considerably.

2. Prevents infections

Eugenol, the antiseptic compound contained in cloves is highly effective in treating infections that can be caused in the mouth due to tooth cavities and bacteria.

3. Numbs pain

As a potent anesthetic, clove numbs the pain around the affected tooth making it bearable enough to wait until you can get to a dentist.

How to use clove for toothache

• Bite a whole clove in your mouth near the point where it hurts and it will release oils which will soothe the pain
• Put a few cloves in a small piece of cheesecloth and chew on it. In this method you extract oil and do not get clove pieces in your mouth
• Put clove in a cloth and put that cloth in oil and boil it for a few minutes. Put the cloth in a jar and allow it to cool for a week. Remove cloves from cloth and put it in your mouth where it hurts.

Mix whole clothes and cayenne pepper to make a paste-like substance. Apply this to the hurting tooth. I can cause a burning sensation for the first few minutes which will settle down in some time.

Expert Tips While Using Clove Oil for Toothache

Do not ingest clove oil as it is toxic, especially for babies

Toothache is usually an underlying cause of a deeper problem such as a cavity. Use clove only to suppress pain for a little while before you can see the dentist.

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