Club Factory Accessories for you to Raid!

Club Factory Accessories for you to Raid!

If you’ve got your keys, wallet and phone, you’re ready to head out. But the step before this is what prepares us better. This is the step when we put our OOTDs together. This includes choosing the outfit itself, but then, more importantly, picking the right accessories. The right accessories can really take your outfit from a 1 to a 99.

Most people purchase the accessories along with the clothes itself. However, if you’d like to improve your collection, Club Factory is the best place to do this. You can find a whole host of accessories when you can mix and match to suit your OOTD. Here are the possibilities

Leather Multilayer Bracelet

Bracelets anyone? This multilayered bracelet has really been making the rounds in the neighbourhood. You can find this almost anywhere, but Club Factory happens to be the best place to buy it. With five layers, you can style this bracelet with any type of article.

12 Pairs Of Card Square Zircon Earrings Set

This earring set is especially suitable for those who have multiple piercings. They suit everyone and are small and concealed, so if you don’t want to wear loud earrings, these are perfect for you. Buy now with Club Factory coupons for some extra deals.

Exaggeration Metal Glaze 3.5 Cm Width Waist Chain

Ready for some drama? This belt-like contraption is attitude on attitude on attitude. You can add it to any plain or drab outfit and take it up to various levels with this waist chain. Sleek and minimal in design, this belt is perfect for those who are trying out new things. Buy now with Club Factory offers.

Sparkle Sister Collection Orange and Pink Big Stud With Jhumka Earring

If you have a thing for huge earrings, then you are welcome. Those who’s earring holes are at the verge of tearing are excused. This highly ethnic jhumka will match your saree perfectly. Made with alloy metals, the earrings won’t tarnish and get soiled. Buy now with Club Factory coupon codes!

Rose Gold Classic Chain Sexy Anklet

The once unpopular anklets are making a comeback in a big way. You can now find anklets at any store and they’re not just the old golden jewellery with lots of beads hanging from them. This particular anklet has a very minimal butterfly design on it. Make it yours now.

CashKaro has a lot more Club Factory offers in store for you. Our Club Factory coupons will take your shopping experience miles forward. Order on Club Factory now!

The Virgo that I am, likes all things prim and proper. Not to brag, but calling me a perfectionist won't be entirely false. A fashion lover, you will find me experimenting with my OOTDS alot. I spend my weekend binging on nachos and brownies.


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