Colicaid Drops: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Price, Composition & 20 FAQs

What is Colicaid Drops?

Colicaid Drops is mainly used to prevent or treat conditions like indigestion, gas and stomachache in children. Fits and allergic reactions are the major side effect seen with Colicaid Drops at repetitive high doses. It should be totally avoided in cases of pregnancy and allergic reactions

Colicaid Drops Composition: Simethicone 40 mg + Fennel Oil 0.0007ml + Dill oil 0.005ml
Manufactured By: Meyer Organics Pvt Ltd
Prescription: Required but it is also available as OTC
Form: Drops and syrup.
Price: Rs 84 for 30 ml bottle.
Expiry/Shelf Life: 24 months from the date of manufacturing
Type of Drug: 
Antiflatulent + Antispasmodic

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Uses of Colicaid Drops

Colicaid Drops serves a great purpose in the prevention or treatment of following conditions:

  • Indigestion: Used to treat digestion problems
  • Stomach ache: Used to treat stomach pain due to gas or indigestion.
  • Bloating: Used to manage bloating.
  • Swelling: Used to treat inflammation or swelling in stomach
  • Pain: Used to treat pain caused by pressure inside the stomach
  • Hiccups: Used to treat hiccups caused by indgestion.
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How does Colicaid Drops work?

  • Colicaid Drops contains Simethicone, Fennel oil and Dill oil.
  • Simethicone acts on inner intestinal lining permitting the gas bubble to join and relaxing the abdominal muscles and relieving digestive problems.
  • Fennel oil is antiseptic and antispasmodic in nature and acts as a laxative relieves flatulence and stimulates appetite and also increases the amount of salt and water to be excreted out of the body via urine.
  • Dill oil is actually extracted from an herb known as Dill and it has got soothing properties that provide relief against flatulence in children.

How to take Colicaid Drops?

  • Colicaid Drops is available in the drops and syrup form.
  • It is advisable to administer the drug after meals.
  • Before consumption, the bottle should be shaken up well and a measuring cup should be used to consume the prescribed drug dose.
  • The leaflet present in the pack should be read thoroughly to have a better understanding of the drug.

Colicaid Drops Common Dosage

  • The dosage of the drug is to be decided by the doctor for every individual as per the age, weight, mental status, allergic history of the patient.
  • The common adult dose of Colicaid Drops is 100-250mg 3-4 times a day.
  • Common Paediatric dose is 20-40 mg to be given with feeds.
  • The Paediatrician should be consulted before drug administration in paediatric population
  • Dose alteration without consultation should be avoided

Q. What happens if I overdose on Colicaid Drops?

In the case of Overdose of Colicaid Drops, immediately consult the doctor or medical staff.

Q. What happens if I miss a dose of Colicaid Drops?

The dose prescribed by the doctor should never be missed and if missed, it should be consumed always as soon as you remember it. But, avoid taking a double dose if it’s already time for the second dose after that as it may lead to an overdose of the drug

Q. What happens if I eat expired Colicaid Drops?

Expired Colicaid Drops might not exhibit effects or any undesirable effects. However, one should abstain from consuming the expired drug.

Q. Onset time of Colicaid Drops?

The time taken by the drug to show effect varies with every individual patient.

Q. Till when does the effect of Colicaid Drops stays?

Most of the patients experience relief in symptoms within 30-45 minutes.

When to Avoid Colicaid Drops?

Do not Consume Colicaid Drops if:

  • Allergy: In cases of known history of hypersensitivity/allergy to Colicaid Drops or any similar active ingredients
  • Pregnancy: In cases of Pregnancy
  • Lactation: In cases of nursing mothers.

Precautions While Taking Colicaid Drops:

  • Concomitant medication: Colicaid Drops should not be used concomitantly with any drug containing same ingredients.
  • Dose alteration: Dose alteration without proper consultation is to be avoided especially in paediatric cases.
  • Prolonged use: Prolonged use should be avoided unless stated otherwise by the doctor.

Warnings When Taking Colicaid Drops

  • Shake the bottle well before consuming the drug.
  • Prolonged use should be avoided.
  • Equally spaced time interval should be there between two doses.

Side-Effects of Colicaid Drops:

The side effects associated with Colicaid Drops are:

  • Nausea (common)
  • Hallucinations (less common)
  • Allergic reactions (common)
  • Cross reactions (less common)
  • Fits (less common)

Are There Any Reported Allergic Reactions to Colicaid Drops?

  • In case of any allergic signs like Breathing difficulty, Swelling of face,lips, Rashes
  • Immediate medical help should be taken in case of any above signs appear.

 What are the effects of Colicaid Drops on organs?

  • Colicaid Drops should used with caution in patients with liver or kidney impairment as Colicaid Drops is mainly metabolised in the liver and excreted through kidneys
  • It may cause alteration in liver enzymes, so SGOT SGPT levels should be monitored regularly.

Drug Interactions to be Careful About

It is always advisable to be careful of certain drug to drug or drug to food interactions when consuming Colicaid Drops. Always be aware of the food items, other drugs or lab tests while consuming Colicaid Drops. We explore these n details below.

1. Food Interactions with Colicaid Drops

Carbonated drinks or food that can cause flatulence should be avoided

2. Medicines Interactions with Colicaid Drops

All the potential drug interactions might not be listed here. It is always advisable that the patient must inform the physician about of all the drugs/products you use. You must notify the doctor about the herbal products that you are currently consuming. You should never alter the drug regimen without your doctor’s approval.

The common drug interactions have been noticed with the following drugs:

  • Cyclosporine (mild)
  • Digoxin (moderate)
  • Levodopa (mild)
  • Glycopyrollate (mild)
  • Atropine (moderate)
  • Dicyclomine (mild)
  • Chlorpromazine (mild)

2. Medicines Interactions with Colicaid Drops

Colicaid Drops affects SGPT, SGOT levels

4. Colicaid Drop’s interactions with Pre-existing Conditions/Diseases

Pregnancy/ Lactation.

Q. Can I have Colicaid Drops with alcohol?

No, Interaction of alcohol with Colicaid Drops is not known. Therefore, the doctor should always be consulted before taking alcohol with Colicaid Drops.

Q. Any particular food item to be avoided?

Carbonated drinks or food that can cause flatulence should be avoided

Q. Can I have Colicaid Drops when pregnant?

No, Colicaid Drops in pregnant women should be used only if necessary and always the doctor should be informed about such cases as no safety data is available for use of Colicaid drops in pregnant women.

Q. Can I have Colicaid Drops when feeding a baby?

No, effect of Colicaid Drops in human milk is not known. Therefore the drug should be used with caution and the doctor should always be informed

Q. Can I drive after taking Colicaid Drops?

Driving or operating heavy machinery should be avoided, if one experiences drowsiness or other side effects.

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Buyer’s Guide – Colicaid Drops Composition, Variant and Price

Colicaid Drops VariantsColicaid Drops CompositionColicaid Drops Price (Rs.)
Colicaid 30ml DropsDimethicone 40mg + Fennel oil 0.0007ml + Dill oil 0.005 mlRs. 84 for 1pack
Colicaid EZ 15mlDropsFungal diastase 33.33 mg + Pepsin 5mg + Simethicone 40mgRs. 80 for 1pack
Colicaid 60ml SyrupDill oil 0.025ml + Fennel oil 0.0035 ml + Simethicone 40mg/5mlRs. 101.5 for 1pack
Colicaid 100 ml SyrupDill oil 0.025ml + Fennel oil 0.0035 ml + Simethicone 40mg/5mlRs. 150 for 1pack

Substitutes of Colicaid Drops

The following are alternative drugs for Colicaid Drops:

  • Colpep 15ml Drops:
    • Manufactured by Alkem Laboratories Ltd
    • Price- Rs. 50
  • Colimex DF 15ml Drops:
    • Manufactured by Wallace
    • Price- Rs. 45
  • Cyclopam DF 15ml Drops:
    • Manufactured by Indoco Remedies Ltd
    • Price- Rs. 36
  • Colinil 15ml Drops:
    • Manufactured by Ajanta Pharma Ltd
    • Price- Rs. 47

Storage requirements for Colicaid Drops

  • The drug should be kept at room temperature away from direct heat and light.
  • Keep the drug where it is out of children’s reach.

FAQs – 12 Important Questions Answered about Colicaid Drops

Q. What is Colicaid Drops?

Ans. Colicaid Drops is a combinational drug which contains Simethicone, Fennel oil and Dill oil as its main active ingredient. Colicaid Drops is used to treat conditions like indigestion, stomach ache and gas in children mainly.

Q. What are the uses of Colicaid Drops?

Ans. Colicaid Drops is used to treat conditions like indigestion, stomach ache and gas in children mainly.

Q. What are the side effects of Colicaid Drops?

Ans. The most common side effects of Colicaid Drops are Nausea, Hallucinations, Allergic reactions, Cross reactions, Fits

Q. How effective is Colicaid Drops?

Ans. Most of the patients experience relief in symptoms within 30-45 minutes.

Q. Should Colicaid Drops be taken on an empty stomach?

Ans.  Colicaid Drops should not be taken empty stomach to prevent stomach upset.

Q. Does Colicaid Drops make you drowsy?

Ans. Yes, Colicaid Drops does cause drowsiness/sleepiness but it varies with every individual.

Q. What should be the time gap between the consumption of 2 Colicaid Drops doses?

Ans. Ideal time gap of 4-6 hours should be there between two doses.

Q. Should I complete the whole cycle of the medicine even if cured?

Ans. Colicaid Drops should be consumed as prescribed by the doctor and in case of any severity of symptoms, immediate medical help or consultation should be taken. And the doctor should be the one to decide when and how to stop the cycle of Colicaid Drops.

Q. Does Colicaid Drops effect my menstrual cycle?

Ans. No, it generally doesn’t affect the menstrual cycle but one should always consult the doctor in case of pre existing menstrual problems before consuming the drug

Q. Is Colicaid Drops safe for children?

Ans. Colicaid Drops is safe and can be administered in children but proper consultation and recommendation by the Paediatrician is advisable.

Q. Are there any symptoms that I should consider before taking Colicaid Drops?

Ans. Pregnancy or allergic reactions are to be taken into consideration before taking Colicaid Drops.

Q. Is Colicaid Drops legal in India?

Ans. Yes, it is legal in India.

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