Comic Con Delhi 2016

Five years ago, tickets for the first ever Comic Con were sold for free and the founder Jatin Verma remembered counting the number of attendees for the event.

Now, into its sixth year, tickets for the comic-based event had started selling a week before and the organizers are expecting close to 30,000 footfalls.

Comic Con India

Comic Con, the place where comic lovers and superhero followers gather for a whole lot of fun and activity has come to Delhi. The event is live for three days, from December 9 to 11.

If you are thinking of giving it a miss, here are 5 reasons why you must shove that thought and head over for a bang bang time!

1. The AXN Zone

Who doesn’t love fun and freebies?

Head into the AXN zone at Comic Con Delhi to dress up as characters from famous original series like Breaking Bad and Sherlock Holmes. There are also exciting games happening every hour with loads of goodies up for grabs.

Join in the rant on Twitter after your appearance at the AXN zone with the hashtag #ComicConWithAXN to be the talk of the town!

2. Comic Con Cosplay

Get into the character you love and enact a performance on stage for 30 seconds to walk away with 50,000 bucks!

Cosplay at Comic Con is all about your love for a superhero and the distance you’d go for the character.

Joker Comic Con India

Get a few rules right to nail the prize.

  • The character dress up has to be done by the contestant
  • Two or three poses on stage before exiting
  • Attitude matters

If you manage to do it, you might be walking home with some sweet cash 😉

3. WWE Zone

Re-enact the WWE entrance of your favorite superstar with all the props and other trademark moves in the WWE Zone.

WWE Zone Comic Con

It is your time to live the life of the superstar of your choice. WWE Zone comes for the first time to Comic Con Delhi.

4. New Comic Book Launches

There is obviously something special for comic lovers. After all, this is Comic Con Delhi. New comics are launching at the event which will cut across genres like sci-fi and fantasy.

Some of the comics ready for launch at Comic Con Delhi include The Legend of Azad, Rakshak, The Age of Immortals and Shivaay – The Secret of The Forbidden Peak.

Comics Comic Con

5. Stand Up Comedian Gaurav Gera Unplugged

Hear the internet-breaking Chuti and Shopkeeper comedy and much more from the man himself, Gaurav Gera at Comic Con Delhi 2016.

Laugh your heart out and take some tingling memories back home as the comedy icon gets rips through your comic senses.

Gaurav Gera Comedy

Gear up and enjoy the best weekend you’ve had in months with Comic Con Delhi 😀

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