In the 10th season of Bigg Boss, the creators of the show decided to add an unusual twist. The house was packed with not just celebrities, but the same number of commoners from around the country as well. This decision became the big ticket to fame for dairy farmer Manveer Gurjar who quickly became more popular than any celebrity and took home the Bigg Boss big winner title beating Lopamudra Raut and Bani J. His story is worth telling and his win, totally deserved.


Did You Know?

Manveer’s real name is Manoj Kumar Baisoya and he lives in Noida

His earthy roots showed through his style, his temperament and ofcourse, his beard. The beard, which he shaved during the show, has in his own words been his pride and joy for years.

He owns and operates a dairy farm and has also worked as a social activist with the Aam Aadmi Party.

While joining the show, he mentioned that his goal was to strengthen his social work and the grand prize he won might just help him do so.

He lives in a joint family with 49 other members!

You’d think a family of 49 would encourage tolerance but his bouts of anger with the other contestants proved otherwise. Although he did warn members to watch out for his temper before joining.

Why He Deserved To Win

We believe that Manveer Gurjar was more than just the rugged looks and wildly uncouth behavior. His ruffian exterior guarded a sensitive, down to earth man which we saw on multiple occasions.


His Complete Transformation

He started out as the most disliked member of the house but strived to become better. His angry episodes gave way to consideration and lasting bonds. His transformation made him a rational thinking heartthrob and with his grooming, he definitely looked the part.


His Bromance With Manu

Their friendship was better than any relationship we’ve seen on the show because while other relationships were born out of convenience, they shared an actual camaraderie. Remember when tears rolled down Manu’s eyes when Manveer was struggling to complete a task? That’s real love right there!


His Friendship With Nitibha Kaul

He found a friend in Nitibha after Manu had to exit the house and that friendship was one to watch as well. Although they received a lot of speculation about being a couple, he managed to sail through the friendship with maturity and love. Although he never missed a chance to flirt!


His Reaction To Fame

During a particular task, the contestants were taken outside the house to taste their fame. Manveer look adorably overwhelmed when he saw his female fan base. He also managed to stay at his humble best, carrying a placard saying Vote For Bani. That was heart touching to say the least.


His Innocence After His Big Win

His demeanor might be aggressive but his eyes always screamed innocence. When he won the show, he got down on his knees to thank his supporters, his voters and the show. He played the game with his heart and not his head, something that had the nation and even ex-contestants rooting for him.


His Big Decision

The prize money (40 lakh rupees!) was enough to revolutionize the life of a Haryana born dairy farmer. Desi lad Manveer, however, donated half of the prize to Salman’s Being Human foundation. His heart of gold shone from the beginning of the show to the very end.


Life has taken a 360 degree turn for Manveer and he is now living the dream. From farmer to celebrity in one hundred days, Manveer not only won the show but also millions of hearts.

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