Owning Car vs Cab in India

The Problem

Driving in India can be painful and tiring. There is always traffic on the road and finding a place to park is hard. Fuel is expensive and prices are always rising. Peace of mind is hard to find.

The Solution – We have found that by using brands like Ola and Uber, you can save Rs.43,000 every year.  You can enjoy being driven around by a driver, catch up on work or sleep, take important phone calls or just watch TV! Sounds like an expensive affair? It isn’t! We have done the math for you, take a look…

The Analysis

We first calculated how much money a person spends driving to work each day. Also added to that the cost of ownership. Owning a car is full of hassles.

Then we compared these prices to two most popular cab hailing services; Ola and Uber. We found that on average a person can save minimum Rs.3500 every month by booking cabs through CashKaro.com.

Price Comparison

There are countless options when it comes to buying a car. Expenses vary based on distance driven, fuel type and other factors. So we’ve made some assumptions to make this story as accurate as possible.

Cost of Owning a Car

Average Cost Of A CarRs.6,00,000
Average Time Of Ownership5 years
Resale Value After 5 YearRs.1,00,000
Annual Insurance CostsRs.1,20,000
Annual maintenance costsRs.9,000
Cost Of DriverRs.12,000 per month
Distance Travelled Daily50kms (25kms one way)

Petrol and diesel prices at the time of writing this story:

  • Petrol @ Rs.70
  • Diesel @ Rs.60
  • Petrol mileage @ 15km/liter
  • Diesel mileage @ 20km/liter

We have included the cost of a driver in our comparison since cabs come with a driver. If you do not hire a driver, you will definitely spend less. You can also reduce your costs by not getting insurance or buying a petrol car instead of a diesel car. We have not even included the Rs.25,000 that costs to change the battery and tires after 3 years!

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Daily Costs

Per Day Cost (50kms/Day)Petrol CarDiesel Car
With DriverRs.1240Rs.1190
Without DriverRs.840Rs.790

Ola and Uber have different prices so we have shown daily costs for both.

Average Cost Of Ola & Uber

Average cost of Ola: Rs.770 per day

ola price vs car

Average Cost Of Uber: Rs672 per day

uber price vs car

Owning a Car Vs Taking Cab Price Comparison

 Petrol with driverPetrol without driverDiesel with driverDiesel without driver
Own CarRs.1240Rs.840Rs.1190Rs.790
Max Daily SavingRs.568Rs.168Rs.518Rs.118
Yearly SavingRs.207320Rs.61320Rs.189070Rs.43070
5 Year SavingRs.1036600Rs.306600Rs.945350Rs.215350

As you can see, at the very least you can save Rs.43,000 every year. Taking a cab is definitely cheaper and even more so in the long run. And you never have to worry about parking either!

The CashKaro Advantage

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