Ensure Consumer Privacy in the Age of Digitization

As per the statistics, more than 4.1 billion people use the internet across the globe. Well, that isn’t just a number. This is the number of internet users whose privacy is put at stake every second of the day. With the rapid increase in technology and digitization of services, consumer privacy is one concern that needs our immediate attention.

Grossing to more than 500 million users in India itself, most of whom are unknown to this fact, the internet industry is also one industry where consumer privacy is breached. Being a convenient source of finding the aptest things, internet too cannot escape this skimming.

But there are a few precautions that can be taken to ensure that you stay protected from these online scams and other malicious things lurking online.

Information Protection

Important Measures to Minimize Risk in the Age of Digitization

Watch Out for The Information You Share on Social Media Handles

Social Media is one such database online where everyone shares the slightest bits of their personal information. From address, phone numbers, pictures to videos, Social Media is an online platform that should be used with precaution. Hackers can find any way to steal your information from there. Further, you can also skip sharing every wee bit detail of your life on the social media channels you use.

Email Privacy

Email Privacy

The next big thing that most of us use is an EMAIL. One of the most essential elements of our lives, Email privacy too can be at stake if you do not watch out. If you’re sharing a mail that contains confidential data, then always opt for private email tools. This can help save confidential data from getting forwarded to the third parties. Encrypting your communication is another technique to ensure that your conversation does not land into wrong hands.

Beware of Sneaky Internet Service Providers

Internet Providers are a crucial part of the search process. Finding a good Internet Service Provider is tiring but finding a great one is tedious. Most of the Internet Service Providers can easily keep an eye on your search activity. To get out of this situation, choose your Internet Provider well and install a VPN to protect your browser data.

Install a VPN


This brings us to the next pointer. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is an easy to install software that helps protect your Internet history by encrypting it. A VPN is also capable of hiding your original IP address and offering an alias in place of the actual one. A VPN directs your online data through a secure passage that connects it to the DNS server without an interception from the external parties.

Use Anonymous Browser

Web Browsers have access to your search activities too. The browser drops web cookies that although are harmless for the computer, do absorb a lot of information about the websites you had visited, your preferences and can even track your online behavior. Using Anonymous Browsers like The Onion Browser (TOR) is one of the safest and secure ways to protect your online activities from being spied on.

Protect Your Login Credentials

Password Security

Login Credentials are required for stepping into every online account that you have. Choosing a strong username and password is something that is required to protect the privacy of your account. This can help keep your account safe and secure. Further, this may also keep the hackers away from guessing your password and username based on your personal information.

Beware of Phishing

Phishing uses psychological elements to trick you into clicking on a malicious link. This can severely harm your device in the form of viruses and other malicious software deployed to attack your computer. Identify phishing links and stay safe.

Update Your System Often

System updates are often one of the most important practices that can help keep your system safe and secure. With new versions of the already available apps, this can fix many loopholes that can leave your device vulnerable to external attacks.

Secure Browsing

While using certain online services is one of the necessities of the digital age, it is also our utmost priority to keep our data and information safe from that extra pair of eyes who’s been prying on us.

Be Safe!

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