10 Cool Winter Deals You Will Fall in Love With

Waiting for some cool Winter Deals? Guess what, they are here already!

Shopping for the perfect winter specials has less to do with buying the right items, and more to do with buying them before the attractive deals vanish! Because let’s be honest, we all wait through the year to buy the season specials at discounted rates. And fortunately, there are a few deals already out there that can help you save more than 50% on every purchase!

Here is a list of the 10 cool Winter Deals that you can avail now, to avoid spending extra.

1. Bluetooth Beanie

Full Price: Rs.3990   |  Current Price: Rs.1499

We are sure you wouldn’t have heard of a better offer.
Whether it’s a  new breed of clothes or even gadgets, the Bluetooth Beanies are at the forefront of fashion trendsetting. In addition to keeping you warm, these winter accessories have built-in wireless headphones, and can become your best companion during your commute to home or work. Stream your favorite music, or phone calls with this SoundBot Beanie Headset available for sale today!

Bluetooth Beanie

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2. Comfort Heating Pad

Full Price:  Rs.699   |  Current Price: Rs.330

Winter season is marked with many festivities such as Christmas, New Year, and a whole lot of events! It is natural to be tired after you shake a leg. Though hot baths are one of the options that you can explore, using heating pads can be a better choice to rely on, time and time again. Relieve your body pain and get this comfort heating pad, available at a steal-deal price!

Comfort Heating Pad

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3. Electric Blanket

Full Price: Rs.2199  |  Current Price: Rs.999

A comfy blanket that is already warm is a blessing during winter months. Get inside one of these cozy blankets to relax after a long and tiring day. Wasps, mosquitos and flies- all gone! Goodbye, you gatecrashers!!

Electric Blanket

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4. Winter Cap

Full Price:  Rs.599  |  Current Price: Rs.368

In the midst of the frigid January temperatures, it always helps to keep your ears covered in style! This trendy winter cap will add excitement to your casual, or even dressy outfits. So, wear this ‘en vogue’ accessory today, and flaunt your individuality.

Winter Cap

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5. Multi-use Kettle

Full Price: Rs.2385  |  Current Price: Rs.799

A blessing, especially for hostel students, Kettles are multi-purpose kitchen ware used for boiling water, making Maggi, cup noodles, and what not! Whether it is a normal day, or those critical examination days, this Silver-Black Kettle will be your favorite Jugaad to quench your hunger or thirst. Get this amazing appliance now, and devour your favorite food or beverage with ease!



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6. Cozy Slippers

Full Price: Rs.400   |  Current Price: Rs.299

Shower some love on your perpetually chilly feet with a warm hug of these comfy super cool slippers! Made out of soft polyester fleece and skid-resistant soles, these oddly satisfying slippers look quite chic. Allow your feet to breathe and wear these cozy slippers that will tempt you to make them your everyday shoes!

Cozy Slippers

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7. Lip Moisturizing Sunscreen

Full Price: Rs.164   |  Current Price: Rs.106

Winter months can wreak havoc on your skin and your lips. Naturally, it becomes extremely important to protect your lips and skin from the harsh dry winters. This convenient, pocket-sized lip balm can be your companion this season. Keep your lips happy and smiling, and get this soothing moisturizer, today!

Lip Moisturizing Sunscreen

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8. Woolen Scarf

Full Price: Rs.3999  |  Current Price: Rs.699

If we had a penny for every time we lied about a deal, we’d have zero pennies!
Take a moment to digest what this deal just claimed. Windproof and charming, this soft woolen neck scarf is a great wear for the winter season. Grab this super popular accessory and accentuate your look before it gets too common!


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9. Cup Warmer

Full Price: Rs.599  |  Current Price: Rs.299

Imagine, you take the first sip of your coffee and realize that- it’s got cold! Feels annoying, right? Fight the blues, and get this cup warmer that is enough to keep you sane, not making you wait for your hot cup for long.

Cup Warmer

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10. Thermos

Full Price: Rs.784  |  Current Price: Rs.499

Heading out for a Winter vacation? Who can be a better companion than a Thermos Flask? Get this double-walled flask and preserve the essence of your beverage for long. Sip a hot cup of tea or coffee on-the-go, without having to re-heat the drink, time and again.


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It’s time to revamp your wardrobe, home and life! Enjoy your winters by availing these fantastic discounts today!

Disclaimer: All discounts and offers are subject to change without any prior notice.

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