Pandemic, Covid-19 has hit the Indian economy with a dual whammy of the disease and scarcity of funds. Combining the situation with the lack of health policies, many insurers are coming to the rescue of Indians by offering term plans at affordable prices. Today, we present to you some of the best Covid-19 Insurance Plans in India to protect you and your family against the Pandemic.

Make One Time Payment for Min. Rs.750 & Get Upto Rs.200000 Sum Assured

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Benefits of Covid-19 Insurance Plans

  • Unlimited Free Consultations with doctor 24X7 for 365 Days
  • Free consultation for your family members
  • Up to 20% Discount on Medicines
  • Up to 60% Discount on Lab Tests
  • 100% Sum Insured fixed benefit paid on being detected positive
  • Waiting Period: 15 days
  • 50% Sum Insured fixed benefit paid if you are quarantined in a Government center for 14 consecutive days (even if tested negative)
  •  Policy Period – 1 Year
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8 Reasons Covid-19 Insurance Plan is A Must Have in Today’s World

The only way you can protect yourself from the Coronavirus is by practising social distancing. And also getting yourself immune with a vaccine that is yet to be created. But until then, you can still be assured by getting an insurance for Covid-19 with Fingoole’s Covid-19 Protection Insurance covered by Reliance General Insurance. Read through the reasons to know why Covid-19 Insurance plans are a must in today’s world:

#Reason 1

You can buy it for yourself, your family & anyone who is in need.

#Reason 2

You can get Rs.25000 & above (depending upon your sum insured) without the need of hospitalization.

#Reason 3

You can use the sum insured for medicines, health tests, or even household expenditure.

#Reason 4

You just pay minimum Rs.750 to get Insured for a year.

#Reason 5

The Insurance claim can be processed on the go.

#Reason 6

Your Insurance cover starts early i.e. if you buy the insurance today, you can claim it within 2 weeks.

#Reason 7

Your Covid-19 Insurance is covered by Reliance General Insurance i.e. you get promised by Reliance’s seal.

#Reason 8

You can use this Insurance even if you have an employer or personal health insurance.

Do Your Bit for the Society – We Urge You to Donate Covid-19 Insurance to the Needy

Indian donations have soared due to the widened impact of Covid-19 across India. But many of us are yet to do our bit for the nation. If you haven’t donated yet, then we bring you a chance to do it for the ones in need. Help the needy by insuring them and their family against the Pandemic because they are the ones who are at the highest risk. This is a definite way to ensure that your donations are being used for the right cause. 

Here are the following people you can donate Covid-19 Insurance to:

  • House helps
  • Local Vegetable vendors
  • Security Guards of your building
  • Local Delivery Agents
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Declarations & Conditions of the Subscription Plans

  • Age must be between 3 to 60 Years
  • No Individuals & Family Members are affected by Covid-19 in last 15 Days
  • You are not sharing an address with Patients Diagnosed with Covid-19
  • You have no international travel history in Last 45 Days
  • Maximum Cumulative sum insured cannot be greater than 2,00,000
  • Cover: Individual

Do it for Yourself; Do it for the Nation. Help #FlattentheCurve

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