Craziest Posters By Cricket Fans For The Love Of The Game And Its Players

Whether they’re die-hard fans or crazy fanatics –international cricket has seen them all. Some brightly painted faces, some wildly screaming throats and finally, some hard to digest posters that will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

Here are the sleaziest, funniest posters that the internet gave us the privilege to get our hands on.

Quintessential ‘Sachin Is God’ Joke


This Undeniably Punny Dig


A Blow Below The Belt


For The Indomitable Wall


We Wonder How Anushka Feels About This


Well, Who Doesn’t?

It’s Unlikely But Worth A Shot


That’s Sure To Get Shane Bowled Over


De Kock Is Probably Hanging His Head In Shame

De Cock

This Heart Is Not In Good Hands Seeing Akmal’s Track Record Of Dropped Catches


It’s awesome how fans will go out of their way to support and praise their icons. But when they go overboard, it’s nothing less than a laugh riot.

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