Cricket Kits for a Great Outdoor Gaming Experience

Best Cricket Kits

Every house has a kid who loves to watch and play cricket. If you too have someone close to you who never misses an ICC and IPL match, or runs straight out of the house as soon as they hear their friends calling them for playing cricket, these cricket kits are for them.

Best Cricket Kits

1. SG Cricket Kit

This kit contains all the essential gear including abdo guard, doctor tape, inner gloves, grips, and many more. Other than these, the kit features a spacious backpack-style carry bag that can accommodate all the accessories and equipment well. The bag is made with heavy-duty nylon in which you can carry all this gear. The bat is made of Kashmir willow, the helmet and guards are also made using quality material.

For Adults

Ideal for adults and those above the age of 15 years, this cricket kit contains every essential equipment for a professional cricketer.

Premium Choice

2. CW Bullet Cricket Set

This cricket kit features the best in quality cricket gear. The bat available in this kit is made with Kashmir willow and has a strong spine. The package also contains arm and thigh guards for complete protection, comfortable batting gloves made of leather, and leg pads of real PVC to offer flexibility and cover.

For Senior Boys

This cricket kit is ideal for senior boys and can be used for practice sessions as well as for tournaments.

Popular Choice

3. MPRT Cricket Kit

Made with premium quality willow wood, this kit contains a bat that weighs as much as 1.15 kg, making it one of the lightest bats with an excellent swing capability. The kit also offers 3 stumps, 2 bails, and a lightweight ball for an exceptional cricket playing experience.

For 12 – 14 years

This cricket kit can be used by younger kids and used for gully cricket and practice sessions.

Best Buy

4. Sunley Wooden Cricket Set

Bond with your child while playing a game of cricket with this amazing cricket kit. This kit contains a superior quality wooden bat, wicket base, three stumps, two bails and a lightweight tennis ball. Both – the stumps and bat are 24 inches in length and are light in weight, making it ideal cricket equipment for kids.

Under 12 years of age

Suitable for kids of under 12 years, this kit can be used to play cricket casually and help your kid develop a love for cricket.

Value for Money
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