Darolac Capsule: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Price, Composition & 20 FAQs


Darolac Capsule: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Price, Composition & 20 FAQs

1What is Darolac? 

Used predominantly to prevent or treat bowel-related conditions like constipation or diarrhea (loose frequent stools). Stomach Pain and Acute toxicity at repetitive high doses are the major side effect. It should be totally avoided in the case of immunocompromised patients.

Darolac Composition – Lactobacillus Rhamnosus + Lactobacillus Acidophilus + Saccharomyces Boulardii + Bifidobacterium Longum
Manufactured By – Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.
Prescription – Not Required (Available as OTC)
Form – Capsules, Sachets, Syrup and Respules
Price – Rs 85 for 10 capsules.
Expiry/Shelf Life – 24 months from the date of manufacturing
Type of Drug – 

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2Uses of Darolac

Darolac serves a great purpose in the prevention and treatment of the following conditions:

  • Immunity Booster: Used as an immunity booster as it contains good bacterias for the intestine and stomach.
  • Diarrhoea: Used in cases of antibiotic-associated diarrhoea.
  • Constipation: Used to prevent or treat constipation and allow easy stool passage.
  • Indigestion: Used in cases of improper digestion and irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders: Used to treat gastrointestinal disorders like colitis or gastroenteritis.
  • Others: Used for cases like cholesterol reduction and lactose intolerance.
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3 How does Darolac work?

  • Darolac is basically a composition of live microorganisms which are beneficial for the body.
  • The internal environment of the body is a balance of good and bad bacterias, an increase in the number of bad bacterias result in disease formation.
  • Darolac is the artificial way of administering good bacterias inside the stomach and intestine and works by competing with the bad bacterias for nutrition and hence kills the bad bacterias by making them starve for nutrition.

4 What are the effects of Darolac on organs?

Darolac should be used with caution in patients with liver or kidney disorders.

5 How to take Darolac?

  • Darolac is usually available in Capsules, sachets, syrup, and respules.
  • Darolac Capsules and syrups are usually administered orally (Via mouth) with a glass of water or as instructed by the doctor. It should be consumed with or after food preferably with food if it causes stomach upset.
  • The capsules should not be crushed or chewed but should be swallowed as a whole.
  • It is advisable to take Darolac at a fixed time.
  • If taking Darolac syrup, the bottle should be shaken up well before use to have a homogenous mixture and a measuring cup should be used to consume the prescribed dose.
  • It is recommended for a patient to go through the leaflet inside the package thoroughly to have a better understanding of the drug.

6 Common Dosage for Darolac

  • Darolac dosage can be decided by the doctor for every individual as per Age, Weight, Mental status, Allergic history and Health status of the patient.
  • The common dose of Darolac is a single capsule once or twice a day or as prescribed by the doctor.
  • It is advisable to consult with a paediatrician before administering Darolac in children as a precautionary measure.

Q. What happens if I overdose on Darolac?

Darolac should always be consumed as per the prescribed dose. Overdose can lead to some serious undesirable effects. The doctor or trained medical staff should be immediately consulted in case of overdose.

Q. What happens if I miss a dose of Darolac?

Darolac should always be taken as per the fixed time schedule and in case of the missed dose, always try to consume it as soon as you remember. But, avoid taking the missed dose if it’s already time to take the second dose as it may lead to drug toxicity or drug overdose.

Q. What happens if I eat expired Darolac?

Expired Darolac may not cause any undesirable effect but it is advisable to avoid consuming expired drug as it may not be efficacious enough to provide the needed results and the doctor should be immediately consulted in case of any undesirable symptoms after consuming the expired drug.

Q. Onset time of Darolac and till when does the effect of Darolac stay?

  • Darolac can take few hours to show its effect after oral administration.
  • The time taken by the drug to show its effect may vary with every individual.

7When to Avoid Darolac?

Do not Consume Darolac if:

  • Liver disorders: In known cases of Liver dysfunction or diseases, Darolac should be avoided or used only when advised by the doctor.
  • Kidney Diseases: In known cases of Kidney disease, Darolac should be avoided unless stated otherwise by the doctor.
  • Allergy: In known cases of allergy to Darolac or any of its ingredients.
  • Immunocompromised: In cases of immunocompromised patients.
  • Drug intolerance: In cases of intolerance of any individual towards Darolac.
  • Pregnancy: In cases of pregnant women unless stated by the doctor

8Precautions While Taking Darolac

  • Empty Stomach: Do not consume Darolac if it causes stomach upset.
  • Allergic Reaction: Allergic reaction, if occurs after taking Darolac should be immediately reported to the doctor or trained medical staff.
  • Avoid Dose alteration: Drug alteration should be avoided unless stated by the doctor.
  • Time Interval: A fixed time gap is to be maintained between the two doses to avoid toxicity.

Warnings When Taking Darolac

  • Consuming more than the daily prescribed dose may lead to increased risk of side effects.
  • Darolac should be administered in elderly patients with extra caution and only when necessary.

9 Side-Effects of Darolac

The side effects associated with Darolac are:

  • Nausea – common
  • Headache – Less common
  • Dizziness – Less common
  • Acute toxicity – rare
  • Fever – Less Common
  • Rashes – Less Common
  • Bloating – common
  • Stomach ache – Less common

Are There Any Reported Allergic Reactions to Darolac?

Possible allergic reactions reported for Darolac are:

  • Rashes  – less common
  • Swelling of eye, face, lips, mouth or tongue – less common
  • Breathlessness – less common

10Drug Interactions to be Careful About

It is always advisable to be careful of a certain drug to drug or drug to food interactions when consuming Darolac. Always be aware of the food items, other drugs or lab tests while consuming Darolac. We explore these n details below.

1. Food Interactions with Darolac

No particular food item to be avoided apart from alcohol as it may cause liver damage

2. Medicines Interactions with Darolac

All the potential drug interactions might not be listed here. It is always advisable that the patient must inform the physician about of all the drugs/products you use. You must notify the doctor about the herbal products that you are currently consuming. You should never alter the drug regimen without your doctor’s approval.

The common drug interactions have been noticed with the following drugs:

  1. Antibiotics
  2. Alcohol
  3. Azathioprine
  4. Corticosteroids
  5. Antifungal

3. Effects of Darolac on Lab Tests

Darolac doesn’t affect any laboratory test results.

4. Darolac’s interactions with Pre-existing Conditions/Diseases

Any Liver or kidney diseases or immunocompromised patients.

Q. Can I have Darolac with alcohol?

No, Darolac can interact with alcohol to produce undesirable effects like drowsiness or dizziness. Always consult the doctor before consuming alcohol with Darolac.

Q. Any particular food item to be avoided?

No particular food item needs to be avoided.

Q. Can I have Darolac when pregnant?

No, Darolac should be avoided during pregnancy unless absolutely necessary and the benefits outweigh the risk. Always inform the doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant.

Q. Can I have Darolac when feeding a baby?

No, Darolac is not recommended in lactating mothers and always notify the doctor in such cases as a precautionary measure.

Q. Can I drive after taking Darolac?

Yes, Darolac does not affect the ability to drive but some patients might experience dizziness or drowsiness and it is advisable to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery in such cases.

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11Darolac Composition, Variant and Price – Buyer’s Guide

Darolac Variants darolac Composition darolac Price
Darolac Capsule Lactobacillus 2.5 billion cells Rs. 89 for 10 tablets
Darolac Z 2gm Sachet Elemental zinc 20mg + Lactobacillus 1 billion spores + Saccharomyces boulardii 125mg Rs. 16.50 for 1 sachet
Darolac 1gm Sachet Lactobacillus 1.25 billion cells Rs. 7.00 for 1 sachet
Darolac Aqua 5ml Suspension Bacillus clausii 2 billion spores/Suspension Rs. 24.00 for one pack
Darolac Plus Sachet Lactobacillus 150 million spores Rs. 72.70 for 10 units
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12Substitutes of Darolac

The following are alternative drugs for Darolac:

  • Floristore Capsule:
    • Manufactured by – Zuventus Healthcare Ltd.
    • Price – Rs. 141
  • Sporlac Plus Capsule:
    • Manufactured by – UNI Sankyo
    • Price – Rs. 147.95
  • Prowel 1gm Sachet:
    • Manufactured by – Alkem Laboratories Ltd
    • Price – Rs. 9
  • Saclife Capsule:
    • Manufactured by – Athens Labs Ltd.
    • Price – Rs. 65.86

 Storage requirements for Darolac Tablets

  • Darolac Tablet should be stored in a cool, moisture-free place at room temperature.
  • Drug should be kept out of children’s reach.

13FAQs – 10 important Questions Answered about Darolac

Q. What is Darolac?

Ans. Darolac is a probiotic drug that contains good bacterias.

It serves a multiple purposes like treating indigestion or immunity boosting.

Q. How effective it is/ How long does it take for Darolac to show results?

Ans. Darolac shows its effect within a few hours of administration of drug.

Q. Should Darolac be taken on an empty stomach?

Ans. Darolac should not be taken empty stomach to prevent any potential stomach upset.

Q. Does Darolac make you drowsy?

Ans. Darolac might cause drowsiness in a few cases but it varies with every individual.

Q. What should be the time gap between the consumption of 2 Darolac doses?

Ans. The ideal time gap of at least 4-6 hours should be there between two doses to avoid Darolac toxicity or overdose.

Q. Should I complete the whole cycle of the medicine even if cured?

Ans. Darolac should be consumed as prescribed by the doctor and in case of any severity of symptoms, immediate medical help or consultation should be taken.

And the doctor should be the one to decide when and how to stop the cycle of Darolac.

Q. Does Darolac effect my menstrual cycle?

Ans. No, it generally doesn’t affect the menstrual cycle but one should always consult the doctor in case of pre-existing menstrual problems before consuming the drug

Q. Is Darolac safe for children?

Ans. Darolac should only be administered in children after proper consultation and recommendation by the Paediatrician.

Q. Are there any symptoms that I should consider before taking Darolac?

Ans. Any liver disorder, drug intolerance or allergic reactions are to be taken into consideration before taking Darolac.

Q. Is Darolac legal in India?

Ans. Yes, it is legal in India.

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Disclaimer – The information provided above is to the best of our research and knowledge. However, you are recommended to consult a physician before consuming the drug.

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