MuscleTech Whey Protein or Davisco Whey Protein, which is better?

MuscleTech Protein and Davisco are both reputed nutrition supplement brands around the world. But when it comes to choosing one, we’d recommend Davisco Whey Concentrate. Comparably, Davisco Protein has much lower calories, fat and carbs.  In terms of protein, MuscleTech offers a higher value, however, it’s probably because of the large serving size. In the end, Davisco definitely has an advantage over MuscleTech and has proved to be more nutritional in every way.

Below is the detailed analysis to help you choose between MuscleTech Whey Protein and Davisco Whey Protein to help you choose better.


Among the Top 5 global nutrition manufacturers is Davisco. The company was conceived in U.S.A and has ruled the market ever since. Their products are highly favoured across athletes and trainers.

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Muscletech marked its entrance in 1988. Since then, it has since been one of the most sought after supplement brands in the world. MusckeTech has received great reviews from customers all over the world.

Their Nitro-Tech products are designed to build more muscle and amplify performance.

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Comparison Criteria

Personal nutrition and whey is a competitive field and each product strives to be better than the rest. Read about how we compare whey protein brands here.

Davisco vs MuscleTech – Nutritional Difference

Particulars Davisco Whey Concentrate 80% MuscleTech Nitro – Tech Winner
Serving Size 30 gm 46 gm NA
Protein 24 gm 30 gm MuscleTech
BCAA’s 6.9 gm 6.9 gm NA
Calories 121 kcal 160 kcal Davisco
Total Fat 2.4 gm 2.5 gm Davisco
Total Carbs 1.65 gm 4 gm Davisco


And The Winner Is…

MuscleTech has more protein per scoop and the same amount of BCAA’s per scoop as Davisco. Davisco, however seems to have an advantage over MuscleTech because of its high BCAA percentage and lower calories, fat and carbs.

Davisco comes out on top due to its significantly high BCAA content and comparatively much lower calories, carb and fat content. MuscleTech is more suitable for that not concerned amount their fat consumption as it has higher amounts of protein and the same amount of BCAA per scoop.

In opinion, these products mildly differ from one another but the deciding factor, however, is your budget. Both product prices vary slightly, and you can choose the one that fits your budget.

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