Davisco vs Ultimate Nutrition: Which Whey Protein Brand is Better?

Davisco vs Ultimate Nutrition: Which Whey Protein Brand is Better?

Ultimate Nutrition Protein or Davisco Whey Protein, which is better?

Ultimate Nutrition Prostar and Davisco are two well-known brands in the market. When we compare them based on their nutritional value, both stand almost at par. However, UN Prostar takes an edge in quality over Davsico Whey Protein. With a higher protein content, lower calories and fat, Ultimate Nutrition Prostar proves to be better than Davisco Whey Protein.

Below is a detailed analysis of their composition difference.

Davisco Whey Protein

Davisco is among the Top 5 global nutrition manufacturers. Davisco was birthed in USA. Soon after the brand was introduced, it took over the market. Davisco produces protein supplements and energy boosters.

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Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein

Founded in 1979, Ultimate Nutrition was the idea of Victor H. Rubino. He aimed to fulfil the needs of weightlifters and nutrition enthusiasts. Its close attention to what an athlete needs put it in the running with other leading brands in nutrition.

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Comparison Criteria

Personal nutrition and whey is a competitive field and each product strives to be better than the rest. Check out our blog on how to compare whey protein brands here.

Davisco vs Ultimate Nutrition – Nutritional Difference

Particulars Davisco Whey Concentrate 80% Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein Winner
Serving Size 30 gm 30 gm NA
Protein 24 gm 25 gm Ultimate Nutrition
BCAA’s 6.9 gm 6 gm Davisco
Calories 121 kcal 120 kcal Ultimate Nutrition
Total Fat 2.4 gm 1 gm Ultimate Nutrition
Total Carbs 1.65 gm 2 gm Davisco


And The Winner Is…

Davisco has higher BCAA content but at the same time has more carbs per scoop. Ultimate Nutrition has more protein per scoop and lower calories and fat. Ultimate Nutrition falls short of meeting Davisco’s BCAA content by 0.9 gm.

Our opinion is that both products are very close but the final deciding factor however, is your budget. Both product prices differ slightly, and you can choose the one that fits your budget.

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