DD Free Dish Channels List 2019: Watch 230+ Channels (MPEG-2)


DD Free Dish Frequency 2019: List of DD Free Dish Channel Signal Frequency

DD Free Dish, which was previously known as DD Direct Plus, is a popular Indian free-to-air digital direct-broadcast satellite television service owned and operated by the state-controlled public service broadcaster Prasar Bharati (Doordarshan). If you are looking for DD Free Dish frequency, here is a list of all the channels and their frequencies. Read further to find DD Free Dish frequency, channel list, Service ID, Audio PID and Video PID.

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1DD Free Dish Frequency List: DD Free Dish Channel Frequency List

DD Channel Number Channel Name Frequency
0001 DD National 11090/V/29500
0002 DD News 11090/V/29500
0003 DD Sports 11090/V/29500
0004 DD Kisan 11090/V/29500
0005 DD Goa 11090/V/29500
0006 DD Bangla 11090/V/29500
0007 DD Chandana 11090/V/29500
0008 DD Girnar 11090/V/29500
0009 DD Kashir 11090/V/29500
0010 Skystar Movies 11090/V/29500
0011 DD Arun Prabha 11090/V/29500
0012 B4U Movies 11090/V/29500
0013 Aaj Tak Tez 11090/V/29500
0014 India News 11090/V/29500
0015 News 18 India 11090/V/29500
0016 Big Magic Ganga 11090/V/29500
0017 DD Imphal 11070/V/29500
0018 DD Oriya 11070/V/29500
0019 DD Podhigai 11070/V/29500
0020 DD Punjabi 11070/V/29500
0021 DD Sahyadri 11070/V/29500
0022 DD Yadagiri 11070/V/29500
0023 DD Malayalam 11070/V/29500
0024 Lok Sabha 11070/V/29500
0025 Rajya Sabha 11070/V/29500
0026 Surya Samachar 11070/V/29500
0027 Dangal 11070/V/29500
0028 Bhojpuri Cinema 11070/V/29500
0029 Test (Vacant) 11070/V/29500
0030 Test (Vacant) 11070/V/29500
0031 Test (Vacant) 11070/V/29500
0032 Test (Vacant) 11070/V/29500
0033 N8 Movies 11470/V/29500
0034 Test (Vacant) 11470/V/29500
0035 India Fashion TV 11470/V/29500
0036 DD Saptagiri 11470/V/29500
0037 India TV 11470/V/29500
0038 Test (Vacant) 11470/V/29500
0039 Manoranjan TV 11470/V/29500
0040 News Nation 11470/V/29500
0041 DD UP 11470/V/29500
0042 Dabangg 11470/V/29500
0043 DD MP 11470/V/29500
0044 Sony Mix 11470/V/29500
0045 NDTV India 11470/V/29500
0046 DD Raipur 11470/V/29500
0047 Enterr10 11470/V/29500
0048 DD North East 11470/V/29500
0049 Big Magic 11510/V/29500
0050 News 18 India RJ 11510/V/29500
0051 9XM 11510/V/29500
0052 Maha Movie 11510/V/29500
0053 Zee Hindustan 11510/V/29500
0054 DD Bharati 11510/V/29500
0055 DD Urdu 11510/V/29500
0056 Mastiii 11510/V/29500
0057 B4U Music 11510/V/29500
0058 News 18 Uttarakhand 11510/V/29500
0059 News State UP 11510/V/29500
0060 News24 11510/V/29500
0061 Republic Bharat 11510/V/29500
0062 Aaj Tak 11510/V/29500
0063 APB News 11510/V/29500
0064 Zee News 11510/V/29500
0065 Manoranjan Punjabi 11550/V/29500
0066 Movie House 11550/V/29500
0067 Test 503 (Vacant) 11550/V/29500
0068 DD Rajasthan 11550/V/29500
0069 DD Hissar 11550/V/29500
0070 DD Bihar 11550/V/29500
0071 DD Ranchi 11550/V/29500
0072 DD Shimla 11550/V/29500
0073 T TV Punjabi 11550/V/29500
0074 Test 510 (Vacant) 11550/V/29500
0075 Zing 11550/V/29500
0076 DD India 11550/V/29500
0077 Star Sports First 11550/V/29500
0078 MTV Beats 11550/V/29500
0079 Fakt Marathi 11550/V/29500
0080 Test (Vacant) 11550/V/29500
0081 Vande Gujarat 1 11550/V/29500
0082 Vande Gujarat 2 11550/V/29500
0083 Vande Gujarat 3 11550/V/29500
0084 Vande Gujarat 4 11550/V/29500
0085 Vande Gujarat 5 11550/V/29500
0086 Vande Gujarat 6 11550/V/29500
0087 Vande Gujarat 7 11550/V/29500
0088 Vande Gujarat 8 11550/V/29500
0089 Vande Gujarat 9 11550/V/29500
0090 Vande Gujarat 10 11550/V/29500
0091 Vande Gujarat 11 11550/V/29500
0092 Vande Gujarat 12 11550/V/29500
0093 Vande Gujarat 13 11550/V/29500
0094 Vande Gujarat 14 11550/V/29500
0095 Vande Gujarat 15 11550/V/29500
0096 Vande Gujarat 16 11550/V/29500
0130 Digishala TV 11670/V/29500

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2DD Free Dish Frequency List FAQs

What is DD Free Dish?

DD Free Dish which was earlier known as DD Direct + is India’s only Free DTH (Direct to Home) Service. This service is owned and operated by Doordarshan also known as Public Service Broadcaster Prasar Bharati and this service has been operational since 2004. The service initially started with a mere 33 channels but at present it can air 104 SDTV channels. This is not all, it can also air 40 radio channels. The DD Free Dish service is available in Ku-Band on GSAT 15 which provides coverage throughout India barring Andaman and Nicobar Islands. These channels can easily be viewed and received through a dish system such as a set top box. No charges are applicable.

How can I contact DD Free Dish?

You can call on the following numbers for any complaints or queries regarding DD Free Dish:

DD Free Dish DTH Customer Care Number: 011-23385314 / 011-2338-3348

DD Free Dish DTH Customer Service Number: 088-8888-8888

DD Free Dish DTH Email-id: yksharmat@prasarbharati.org.in / ceobci@yahoo.com

How can I find the frequencies of DD Free Dish channels?

The frequencies of all DD Free Dish channels are provided in the table above.

Do we have to pay to subscribe to DD National HD Channel?

No, if you already have a DD Free Dish HD Channel List, then you need not pay for the service.

When was the DD National HD Channel launched?

The DD National HD Channel list was launched in the year 2017.

Is DD National HD being aired?

Yes, the DD National HD is currently being aired by Prasar Bharti.

What is the difference between DD Free Dish and Other Direct to Home (DTH) Services?

Most direct to home services have paid services. The tv signals are encrypted and the DTH operators possess the encrypted uplink which is sent to the satellite and the viewers can then view these channels through a set top box or a dish antenna. You can choose which tv channels you’d like to view and pay accordingly for your pack.

DD Free Dish is free of charge. There is no monthly subscription charge applicable on the channels and the only expenditure is that of buying a small set top box to receive the channels.

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How to receive channels on the DD Fresh Dish?

In order to receive the DD Fresh channels you must have the following:

  1. Dish Antenna along with LNBF.
  2. Set Top Box to receive the signals.
  3. Remote control.

The dish installed on the roof receives the signals from the satellite and starts transmitting the same to the Set Top Box. The complete set of these 3 accessories is a one time investment and post that no payment needs to be made to watch channels.

How to tune an old DD Free Dish Set Top Box?

In order to receive channels, you can tune an old DD Free Dish in the following steps:

Select Satellite Name

  1. Go to the Setup Programme or Installation menu from the remote.
  2. Select “Satellite Edit” Menu.
  3. Select “Add New Satellite” Menu.
  4. Select “Sat Name Edit” Menu.
  5. Enter the Satellite Name as – GSAT-15.
  6. Enter the Satellite Longitude – 93.5° E.
  7. Exit the menu.

LNB Configuration

  1. Go to the “LNB Configuration” menu and make sure the satellite  which is selected is GSAT-15.
  2. Set the LNB Type as “Universal”.
  3. Set the LNB Power On.
  4. Press the Exit Button.

Transponder (TP) Edit

  1. Go to the “Transponder Edit” menu and again make sure the satellite selection is on GSAT-15.
  2. Select “Add New TP” Menu
  3. Enter the TP frequency to 11090 MHz.
  4. Select the Symbol rate as 29500 Ksps.
  5. Next select the Polarization and set it to “Vertical”.
  6. ’22K’ OFF*
  7. ‘Disc. Equal’. Off.
  8. Select Scan as “FTA”.
  9. Press “OK”.

Go to Search

After Pressing “OK”, the new TV with 16 channels and 6 Radio Channels will be showing. ou can similarly add other Transport Streams by entering their frequencies, symbol rate as well as the polarization from the table below:

​S. No. ​Transponder Frequency(MHz)​ Polarization Symbol Rate (Ksps) FEC LNB Frequency (MHz) 22K Disc. Equal
​1 ​11090 V 29500 3/4 09750 OFF OFF
​2 ​11170 V 29500 3/4 09750 OFF OFF
​3 ​11470 V 29500 3/4 10600 OFF OFF
​4 ​11510 V 29500 3/4 10600 OFF OFF
​5 ​11550 V 29500 3/4 10600 OFF OFF
​6 ​11630 V 30000 3/5 10600 OFF OFF

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How to delete TV channel from the Set Top Box?

In order to delete a channel, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the “edit Programme”.
  2. Select the “Delete” Option.
  3. Select the channel you wish to delete with the up or down button the remote.
  4. Press “OK” on the channel you wish to delete.

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