So you have finally decided to take the plunge into weight loss. You could have a different motivation or a goal for the weight loss but yes, you surely want the weight loss to be a long lasting one. Consulting the internet, you would know there are many fad diets/ weird exotic foods that can make you lose weight like a celebrity. But really, do you believe all those? So, we have decided to clear the air about weight loss and set you up to a right start with these 7 pointers.

Know the measurements that help

Almost all of us rely on the faithful mirror on the wall or old clothes to tell us we have gained weight. But even you know that is not scientific. To look slim or to fit in a dress can make for good motivation but it can’t guide you on the number of kilos you have shed. The body mass index (BMI) is there just for that. The BMI reading is calculated based on your height and weight and a reading of over 25 is definitely a cause for concern. How to check your BMI? It’s easy, you could check your BMI here to put a number on how many kilos you need to get lighter.


Realistic weight loss goal plans are a must!

So now you have a number and yes the crucial part is segmenting your weight loss. Let us say you have 10 kilos to lose. So how would you compute the weight loss? Would it be 5 kilos in a month leading to a 2-month weight loss plan? If you want sustainable weight loss, you must ideally lose 2 kilos every month. Weight loss at this pace means the weight stays away for good! Now you can evaluate all those instant weight loss claims yourself! Hence, setting realistic weight loss plans are very important.

Weight Loss

Learn the right nutrition basics

Now we come to the heart of the entire matter. The food you eat; the nutrients you derive out of it comprises 80% of the weight loss journey. Notice, how we didn’t mention the buzzword ‘calories’! That is because evaluating foods with this currency called calories is approaching weight loss with a myopic view.  Did you know, experts have identified 7 root causes that keep a dieter from losing weight. Among them, hormones and stress are major players. The book Ultimate Guide to True Weight Loss explains how these 7 factors play a role in weight loss and weight gain.


Plan your physical activity

Regular physical activity has been named as one of the most important aspects to a healthy weight loss. It could mean anything from a brisk 30-minute walk in the park, sweating it out to a favourite song or pumping iron in the gym. It is important to understand which kind of physical activity fits into your schedule yet keeps you motivated enough to pursue it.


Going au naturel or not!

Weight loss is not all that easy breezy as shown in those pills, potions, massage, and machine advertisements. It is real hard work. Although these shortcut routes would lead to weight loss but not to a sustainable weight loss. Worse still, these quick fixes have side effects that could mar your metabolism and physiological processes for life. So it is your choice whether to opt for a science-backed and food based weight loss or for these advertisement gimmicks.

weight loss gimmics

Detox those false claims

You must have got acquainted with this word while leafing through newspapers. Usually, many companies tend to use detox as some instant weight loss magic but actually it puts you in a starvation mode. However, the concept of detox, when used with scientific backing, natural foods can actually yield good results without the need to starve.

detox for weight loss

Choosing a healthcare provider/weight loss clinic

Choosing a healthcare provider is an equally uphill task that many falter at. Does that small clinic round the corner with decrepit words announcing weight loss sound good or a glitzy furnished one? You may have gone with the glitzy one but the heart of weight loss is the dietician/ doctor who will oversee it. Ensure you consult only qualified dieticians and doctors from reputed universities. Are you wondering where to look? Let us guide you by providing a free nutritionist consultation to help set your weight loss goals in place.

weight loss clinics

The journey to weight loss could seem like a maze with many false turns and roads. For all you know, help could be just round the corner. Sometimes one learns from mistakes but to keep repeating a mistake could harm you in more ways than one. A holistic approach that just doesn’t look at weight loss alone but also addresses the psychology of healthy eating is important. Follow our easy advice to ensure that the pesky weight and love handles don’t make a grand appearance again in your life.

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