From Durga Puja to Diwali, non-stop festivities and non-stop binging have been the fervor. Amidst the laughter and the fun, we’ve all been ingesting smoke, gorging meats and drinking down calorized beverages without a stop. Now its high time we pay attention to our vital body needs, as we get out of our lethargy and start afresh. How about we include these fun detox strategies into our maintenance regime and get ready for the party season in no time!

Diet Detox

Fluid Diet

Often the first ‘diet detox’ strategies, switching to a liquid diet aids the liver and kidneys to filter out toxins which untimely dinners, high-calorie beverages, heavy meats and sweets would have left inside our body. So consuming watery vegetable juices, soups and herbal tea for limited periods are a good way to let your body gear up for the challenges ahead.


Stick to Hydration

Hydrating our body is the crux of all detoxification strategies. As you make your way back to your regular routine, apart from drinking water not just the 8 glasses that’s recommended drink up to 4-5 liters to flush out the toxins with the least effort. Make lemon water and green tea a regular morning thing and just enjoy the wonders!

Holistic Healing

Breathing exercises

Now that you’ve spent your nights all up with your buddies, getting up in the mornings seem much as a challenge. Practise roll breathing and abdominal breathing exercises in which all you have to do is feel your body breathe oxygen in and out. Roll breathing removes dirt across your airways and abdominal breathing exercises activate intestinal detoxification when done on a regular basis. Top it up with a few neck rolls and let your whole body experience holistic healing.



Pranayamas are breathing methods practised with special hand gestures. Just sit on a rug or a carpet and start with basic ones and cleanse and purify our body in the most natural way possible.

  • China Mudra – Helps in coordinating the energies of our body, alleviates headaches, and promotes smooth functioning of digestive juices.
  • Gyana Mudra – Helps in getting rid of hangovers, returns the focus to work.
  • Vanura Mudra – Works through the stomach, colon and improves the blood flow around these organs.
  • Chinmaya Mudra – Helps in clearing throat, lungs and nostrils by internalizing the energies in this area.


Detox Pills

If you think that exercise and diet are just soo Not For You, fear not as you can lay your hands on these easy detox medicines that contain herbal extracts and function on specific organs.


Epsom Salt Bath

A detoxification bath using a salt that’s highly absorbable – Magnesium Sulphate. This salt reduces tissue inflammation and flushes out heavy metal residues from the kidney and liver. Couple that with the hot water massage and sweat out your toxins in the most enchanting way you can ever imagine!

Oleation Therapy

An Ayurvedic treatment using oil and fat to orient the body in the motion of the body’s inherent chakras, it’s one of those relaxing short cuts you’ll love to experience. This therapy is unique in the way that it uses ghee in graduating amounts to cleanse the intestinal tract. It is performed as a 5-7 day regime and employs even our emotions to fully ‘oleate’ the body and relieve the inner spirit.

Enjoy Detox

Detox with a Friend

Following your detox regime may seem boring after a day or two if you do it just by yourself. Prod along one of your friends and enjoy the process together. This way, not only would you be in check but you would also gain better momentum during your exercises.

Complement Your Exercises With Music

As the body rejuvenates and breathes afresh, transforming the environment you create around you accelerates the healing process. You can also meditate in your room with pleasant music, in particular instrumental music. Rhythmic tunes calm the mind and help attain focus during the Pranayamas or breathing exercises.

Which of these strategies are you going to use? Let us know in the comments below. 
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