Chairs are no longer just seating furniture. The stellar designs that flood the markets now can totally make a statement or simply elevate the look of a space. If you are looking at highlighting specific spots or corners in your home, just get a well-designed chair and style it right.

Why not setup a nice cosy corner in your home, where you set your favourite chair, some books or a tiny side table to hold your snacks. We bet that will give you an instant energy, and the space a good vibe. Pepperfry has got your back in this interior challenge! There is a wide assortment of classy chairs, lounge chairs, statement chairs, study chairs and so on in the store. You just need to pick one that suits you the best.

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So let’s have a look at the types of cool chairs available on Pepperfry:

Arm Chairs

As simple as it sounds. They are chairs with arm rests and a back support. The straight, upright back design is excellent support and hence suitable for long hours of seating. You can go for a wooden armchair or an upholstered one. You can also club it with a footstool or a nice side table to style it.

Checkout on Pepperfry:

  • Aura Solid Wood Armchair in Brown Upholstery & Teak Finish by Woodsworth
  • Saturn Revolving Armchair In Grey Colour By Furnitech
  • Milton Solid Wood Armchair by Woodsworth

Rocking Chairs

These classic chairs can gently rock you back and forth. They have curved bottom portion to enable the rocking action. These are quite relaxing to settle in after a hard day and perfect for a power nap. The traditional wooden rocking chairs and contemporary ones with upholstery are also available in the Pepperfry collection.

Pepperfry offer products:

  • Wellesley Solid Wood Rocking Chair in Provincial Teak Finish by Amberville
  • Carnival Rocking Chair in Walnut Finish by @home
  • Duncan Accent Chair in Blue Colour by Evok

Lounge Chairs

This one is for you to chill in with a book or snack. It is a cross between a regular upright armchair and a plush sofa. Owning to the size, you can simply sink into them, and the inclined back helps you lean comfortably against it. These are perfect to style a cosy corner with, and preferable next to a nice window side. Full back and low back lounge chairs are available in the store.

Checkout on Pepperfry:

  • Emma Lounge Chair with Base in Provincial Teak Finish by Bohemiana
  • Konic Tub Lounge Grey Chair in Colour by Workspace Interio
  • Alicia Modern Chair In Blue Colour By Dreamzz Furniture

Iconic Chairs

Iconic in names, iconic in style. The most common iconic chair spotted around is a sleek white one with cross-bracing on its leg. Pepperfry has several other options for you, including plush upholstered iconic chairs, which are sure to make a statement even at your study desk. Tolix Replica and DSW Replica Iconic Chair styles are available on Pepperfry.

Pepperfry offer products:

  • Sylvia Iconic Chair in Grey Colour by Star India
  • Palo Iconic Chair in Yellow Colour by RoyalOak
  • Eames Replica Iconic Chair in Grey Colour By Finch Fox

Barrel Chairs

As the name suggests, these chairs have a solid, rounded back resembling a barrel cut in half. This comfortable back rest shaping gives you a cocooned feel while seated on it. These easy chairs come in plush upholstery to make it even more comfy.

Checkout on Pepperfry:

  • Zoom Accent chair by RoyalOak
  • Isabella Barrell Chair with Base in Brass Finish by Bohemiana
  • Ellion Barrel Chair in Blue Colour by Afydecor

Folding Chairs

These are perfect for small or multi-use spaces. They have stylish designs, and at the same time are convenient in the way they can been folded away when not in use. They can be collapsed into a single frame and fittingly stacked away. There are metallic and wooden folding chair options on Pepperfry.

Pepperfry offer products:

  • Foldable Chair in Natural Brown Colour (Set of 2) By Aura
  • Marandoo Folding Chair in Yellow Colour by Bohemiana
  • Mexico Folding Chair in Provincial Teak Finish by Bohemiana

Wing Chairs

The true-blue statement chairs. These regal pieces are sure to grab all the attention in the room. They have the classic curved back and armrests that give it a Victorian charm. The imposing chair style gets its name from the high back that is raised at the ends like wings. Choose from Solid Color, Plaid, Striped, Floral and Abstract Wing Chairs options on Pepperfry.

Checkout on Pepperfry:

  • Aarmo Wing Chair in Blue Colour by Vittoria
  • Amiel Wing Chair in Floral & Beige Colour by Amberville
  • Calisto Wing Chair in Beige & Green Fern Design by CasaCraft

There are still many more chair options available in the store including Cafe Chairs, Slipper Chairs, Cantilever Chairs and Plastic Chairs, among others.

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So uplift your home interior with just a few chairs in the right spots. Head to Pepperfry right away and don’t forget to avail our Pepperfry coupons before you make your purchases!

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