Dish TV Sports Packs – Plans with Prices & Total Channels

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Want to know about the latest Dish TV Sports Packs?
A Dish TV connection offers the advantage of choosing Channel packages as per the needs of the customers. One of the most sought-after packs of this service includes the Dish TV Sports packs. These packs are available in 5 main categories, the descriptions of which are given below.

Dish TV Sports Packs – All Dish TV Sports Plans

Dish TV Sports Plan NamePrice*Number of Sports channels
*Prices are subject to change
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Dish TV Sports Pack – Maxi Sports SD

Cost Of PlanRs.176
Validity1 Month
Features68 Channels
SD Channels68
HD Channels0

Dish TV Sports Pack – Maxi Sports HD

Cost Of PlanRs.281
Validity1 Month
Features70+ Channels
SD Channels45
HD Channels25

Dish TV Sports Pack – Super Sports SD

Cost Of PlanRs.233
Validity1 Month
Features78+ Channels
SD Channels78
Hd Channels0
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Dish TV Sports Pack – Super Sports HD

Cost Of PlanRs.327
Validity1 Month
Features83+ Channels
SD Channels44
HD Channels39

Dish TV Sports Pack – Hindi Prime Cricket HD

Cost Of PlanRs.203
Validity1 Month
Features49+ Channels
SD Channels31
Hd Channels18

Dish TV Sports Packs FAQs

What are the different types of Dish TV Sports Packs?

There are two main Dish TV Sports Packs, namely, Maxi Sports and Super Sports. However, you can check out all Dish TV packs to see which of them have the sports channels you really like.

Are there any Sports Packs in HD as well?

Yes. As an HD user, you can opt for the Maxi Sports HD pack or the Super Sports HD pack. Check out the popular Dish TV HD packs prices so you can recharge your account and enjoy an HD experience.

How can I contact Dish TV Customer Care?

You can dial 1860-258-3474 or 1860-120-3474 to connect with the Dish TV Customer Care Team.

Is there an email address to get in touch with Dish TV Customer Care?

Yes, you can drop an email with your query to

Can I change my plan to a Dish TV Sports pack?

Yes! It is very simple to change your Dish TV plans to a sports pack online. Learn how you can easily change Dish TV package and enjoy the latest sporting entertainment on TV.

Do I need to recharge a Dish TV sports pack to enjoy sporting channels?

Nope. You can easily add Dish TV channels A-la-Carte. So, just by sending an SMS you can add whatever sports channels you wish to watch in India.

Shall I check my account balance before recharging with a Dish TV DTH sports pack?

Yes! If you still have balance left, then you can enjoy the channels for a little longer. However, if your favourite team is playing and you wish to watch them, then you can ignore your balance. In either case, know how to check Dish TV DTH balance and stay updated.

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