Do Travel Packages Make Sense?

Do travel packages make sense

Travel buffs might often be torn between travelling independently or availing travel packages. Travelling is an experience which depends on several factors like the type of traveller you are, the destination of travel, personal tastes, budget and the activities you like to indulge in. Such and many more elements influence whether one should travel independently or book a package.

Both options have their pros and cons and are discussed at length below.

Independent Travel Vs Travel Packages

Time Factor

Travel Packages

Travel packages are a feasible way to cover a lot of attractions in a short frame of time. For instance, if a traveller is keen on covering all top destinations Switzerland, a travel package should suffice as travel logistics would be sorted when visiting more destinations.

Independent Travel

While its not possible to cover many destinations while travelling on our own, Independent travel can give one more insight and the time to soak in a particular place.


Travel Packages

Travel packages facilitate communication through a translator and guided tours help the travellers navigate through language and cultural faux pas. Travel packages entail peace of mind as you know that things have been planned and you are being watched.

Independent Travel

Travelling independently is sometimes fraught with risks, especially when travelling to a country of political turmoil. Moreover, it can also be an uphill task to hold conversations with the locals due to language or cultural barriers. To avoid any untoward happenings while travelling independently, one should thoroughly research the place and learn about it before embarking on a journey. It is advisable to blend in with the surroundings and the locals. Moreover, double check your travel itinerary such as flight schedules, bus services etc to stay safe in transport. Carry some OTC essentials to keep track of your health. These and such other tips can help you stay safe when travelling independently.

Holiday Planning

Planning a holidayTravel Packages

All the travel hassles like itinerary, activities and schedules are worked out way in advance for you. Moreover, an experienced and knowledgeable guide can make you understand a place more up-close.

Independent Travel

Chalking out itinerary, making bookings and keeping a tab on schedules can become a task when travelling on our own. But, for enthusiastic travellers, who are keen to explore more of a place, planning according to one’s choices and needs can prove to be satisfying.

Gaining Insights & Knowledge

Travel Packages

Travel packages might be a great way to cover many destinations in a short span of time. But the hurry to get to one attraction from another might not let you enjoy the place completely. Checking on all the boxes may seem great on Instagram but you may just have a superficial knowledge of destinations at the end of your holiday.

Independent Travel

In independent travel, you can choose the amount of time that you would like to spend at a particular destination. This can give you an opportunity to gain more insights and knowledge about a destination that you wish to explore.



Travel Packages

Today, though travel packages try to accommodate individual needs and preferences but still flexibility in terms of schedule and changing itinerary at a moment’s notice is not always possible in travel packages. Besides, there might be activities that you might like but are not a part of the travel package.

Independent Travel

Having complete control over your travel itinerary can be quite liberating. You have the freedom to choose the destinations that you would want to visit, the activities that you are keen to indulge in as well as the freedom to enjoy food that suits your palate.


Travel Packages

Travel packages can come cheaper especially when travelling to many destinations. Travelling internationally also can save many cost heads especially when travelling along with a group. The conveyance and food costs in such cases are largely reduced.

Independent Travel

If you are visiting a known standalone destination, then independent travel is favoured. Moreover, you also save on the agent’s commission which is a hidden cost in travel packages.

One can book air tickets and hotels from different websites that offer the best prices. Some also offer great discounts and cashback offers which cannot be availed in travel packages. Moreover, sites like CouchSurfing which is a hospitality and social networking service offers members affordable homestays and lodging. Be more aware of such sites to encash on their perks.

Doing Things at Your Own Pace

best travel packages in india

Travel Packages

Everyone is different as to how they want to spend time during travel. Some may enjoy spending hours gazing at the sunset on a beach while others might want to maximise their time by exploring as many places as possible. Getting complete control over your time and schedule can be a drawback of travel packages.

Independent Travel

Doing things that one likes at a leisurely pace can be a big benefit of travelling independently.

So, Are Travel Packages For You?

Apparently, yes. travel packages are worth exploring as you save precious time and money.

But, independent travel scores well on the parameters of experiences as you can decide what to explore as per your preferences. All in all, I would say, no two individuals are alike. So, choose to travel solo or book a tour package based on your needs and choices.


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