Going out for a movie? Confused between Dolby and Imax? Hang tight while we breakdown the differences in your experience with Dolby and Imax cinemas so that you can head over to Bookmyshow to book your movies right away! Get the ultimate cinematic effects delivered with advanced technology that will have you totally satisfied with your movie ticket purchase. Choose between the following theatres for your next movie with these pointers.

Dolby Cinema Experience

Dolby digital Cinemas is the product of Dolby and is offered at AMC theaters.

Dolby provides its viewers with two 4K laser projectors boasting a resolution of 4K each.

The image on the screen appears crystal clear and the color intensity is absolutely stunning.

In comparison to regular digital screens the color appears far more vibrant and will enhance your movie viewing experience multifold.

The HDR, which refers to the High Dynamic Range, is a parameter that is indicative of the sharpness and image quality. Dolby has the maximum HDR offered by any cinemas.

The audio quality of Dolby Atmos is simply unparalleled. The theatre is equipped to provide surround sound which will make sure the audience experience the movie and not just watch it.

Imax cinema experience

Imax is yet another highly rated and widely preferred cinema choice with its massive screen size being the key highlight.

The Imax screens boast an aspect ratio which is much taller than other cinema screens.

Imax cinemas offer you a screen size which is around 40% larger that other theatres so you can get the best cinematic experience and make the most out of your movie.

Latest Imax theatres are equipped with dual 4K laser projectors capable of delivering unmatched, crisp and high quality images.

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