Dominos Introduces Vegan Cheese Pizza Across New Zealand



Source : Marketing Mind

The world’s leading pizza franchisee, Dominos will be offering vegan cheese pizza across all the 109 locations across New Zealand starting August. However, the vegan variant would be initially introduced as a trail run. If customers like it, only then the vegan cheese pizza will become a part of the permanent menu.

Follow Your Heart, the California based company is likely to be the vegan cheese supplier of Dominos.

Dominos had initially tested the same vegan cheese pizza in Australia which was a success. Subsequently, Dominos made vegan cheese items permanent menu additions just a few days after the launch.

In New Zealand, the demand for vegan food items is on the rise. Standard pizza bases are vegan at Dominos. Also, the chain now offers vegan garlic bred as part of its vegan menu.

At present, Dominos is offering vegan cheese options in Israel and Australia after the success of its three vegan pizza varieties.

The vegan cheese would be prized at $ 3 surcharge.



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