Just because you are travelling doesn’t mean you have to leave your beauty routine behind. Here is a list of beauty essentials which you must carry to stay fabulous on your next long-haul flight:


A hydrating moisturizer is a must have to lock in moisture. The high altitude and dry cabin air will leave your skin screaming for hydration. Oily-skinned beauties should ensure that they use a moisturizer that is water-based and light in texture.


Powder compact

A powder compact that offers light-medium coverage will cover scars decently without creating any cakey effect.


Oil blotting sheets

Oil blotting sheets are a must-have for people with super oily skin. Re-touching makeup by using only powder is not just unclean but also doesn’t make any sense. You are using a sponge that is already loaded with dirt and oil. Use oil blotting sheets to remove any excess shine from your face.



Because nothing removes dirt and grime as effectively as a cleanser does! Use a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip off the entire moisture content from your face.


Eye drops

If you happen to have dry and sensitive eyes, do not forget to keep eye drops in your bag. They will instantly soothe and invigorate tired eyes.


Lip balm

A moisturizing lip balm will nourish your dry and chapped lips.


Dry shampoo

A dry shampoo will remove greasiness from your scalp and also add some texture to your hair. Without a hair wash!


Mini hairbrush

A mini hairbrush is ideal for on the go brushing. It is small enough to fit easily into your purse.


Makeup remover wipes

Feeling too lazy to remove makeup? These wipes will leave your skin thoroughly cleansed so that there is no need to rinse!


Perfume atomizer

You can still afford to carry your favourite perfume with you despite the weight issue. All you need is a perfume atomizer in which you can transfer a small amount. It’s around the size of a lipstick.


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