Do you wish to rejuvenate yourself? If yes, then unwind yourself in the panoramic city of Phuket. Soak yourself in the sun while lazing on the pristine beaches of the Andaman Sea. A cluster of the Thai islands sitting subtly in the sea makes the islands of Phuket a great place to visit. With the glistening white sand beaches, finest hotels and spas, splendid food items, the rich culture you will wish that you never have to leave the city of islands – Phuket.

Why go there: Scenic beauty | Beaches | Temples |Adventure Activities
Ideal for: Friends | Family
Things to Bring back: Traditional handicrafts, souvenirs, spices, clothing and more

A trip to Phuket will be full of memories so we have a list prepared for you for the best places to visit in Phuket:

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Things To Do in Phuket 

12. Phang Nga Bay

When the glistening limestone cliffs blend with the emerald green water of the Andaman Sea, the view is bound to become heavenly. Among the islands, the two hot spots for tourists are the James Bond Island and Koh Panyee where you can enjoy the spectacular views of the tiny limestone islands. Cruising to the Phang Nga Bay is bound to make you feel joyous when you gaze at the perfect landscapes.

11. Phi Phi Islands

Capture the beauty of the rocky cliffs half submerged into the sea with lush green forests carpeted over them. The shimmering sandy beaches will captivate you with its perfect view for visitors. Spend a day or two at the Phi Phi islands and tick it off from your bucket list. If you are on a quest to spend some time with nature, then Phi Phi Islands are the perfect hideout for you offering you tranquillity.

10. Big Buddha

Sitting atop the Nakkerd Hills is the Big Buddha which measures up to 45 metres from the ground which can be viewed from the town of Phuket and Karon Beach. Relish gazing at the panoramic view of the islands from the Nakkerd Hills which will make your eyes soothe with its allure. A quick bite near the Big Buddha temple will be a cherry on the top of the cake for your journey. A ride from the Phuket’s main artery route will take you to the Big Buddha where you can gaze at the mesmerizing views accompanied by worshipping Lord Buddha.

9. Similan Islands

A group of nine islands submerged in the clear blue sea makes for a stunning place in Phuket. Located 30 Km from the coast of Khaolak, the islands are famous for adventure sports as well as its tranquillity. If you want to have that adrenaline rush, then go scuba diving in the Similan Islands and view the colourful coral reefs and get fascinated by the marine life. A sailing experience in the islands will prove to be a wondrous way to explore the islands.

8. Beaches in Phuket

There is no particular beach in Phuket which is a must visit, but all the beaches will give you a mesmerizing experience. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the glittering sandy beaches and relish gazing at the sun setting the enormous blue sky.  Go for a stroll or just indulge yourself in adventure sports, the beaches in Phuket will make your love for Phuket everlasting. Check out the list of the beaches that you can explore while in Phuket.

  • Surin Beach
  • Ya Nui Beach
  • Kata Noi Beach
  • Freedom Beach
  • Kata Beach
  • Paradise Beach

7. Chalong Wat

With intricate gold carvings and splendid architecture, Chalong Wat is the most worshipped temple across Phuket. Devotees from all over Phuket and the world flock to the temple to worship Lord Buddha.  Located 8 Km from Phuket the Chalong Wat is one of the best places in Phuket. Outside the temple, you can indulge yourself in shopping clothes and souvenirs that is going to help you take some memories home.

6. Phuket Old Town

If you want to go on a shopping spree, then the Old Town of Phuket is a perfect hideout for you. Stroll through the traditional markets of Phuket and gaze at the Sino-Portuguese architecture that is bound to make you take a deeper look into the history of Phuket. Buy some handicrafts and spices when you walk across the streets of Dubik, Krabi, Rasada, Ranong and more. Explore the eateries and relish the traditional Thai dishes.

5. Phuket Trickye Museum

Ever wanted to look at a 3D painting? If the answer is yes, then visit the Phuket Trickye Museum and explore the magic of the 3rd-dimensional world into the painting. A display of more than 100 sculptures and paintings with ancient geometric skills, the Trickye Museum will blow your mind with the wonderful creations of the Thais. Located at the corner of Phang Nga Road you can experience the world of illusion at the Trickye Museum.

4. John Gray Sea Canoe

Weave yourself in the magic of the mesmerizing Islands of Phuket by taking a boat ride in the John Gray Sea Canoe also known as the Caveman. The ride will take you away to a quaint paradise from the bustling city of Phuket. This ride will make you feel exhilarated when you witness the dark sea caves and the unexplored places of Phuket. A tour to the unexplored world of Phuket is quite a mandate for you.

3. Phuket FantaSea

Explore the “Disneyland” of the South East Asia at the Phuket FantaSea which will take you on a fun-filled ride with its activities and entertainment, games, shopping and what not. Enjoy the carnival involving 400 people, 44 elephants, 3 tigers, 40 goats, 40 chickens, and 400 pigeons. A stunning 140-acre theme complex is going to give you a look into the vast culture and heritage of Phuket.

2. Phuket Aquarium

Situated at Cape Phanwa, 10 Km south of the Phuket town, the Phuket Aquarium is one of the best places to travel in Phuket. A tunnel stretched across the aquarium will spellbind you with the magnificent marine life. Take a day trip to the aquarium and enjoy gazing at the sea turtles, coral reefs, and fishes which will make for a stunning site for all the visitors turning up to the Aquarium.

1. Naka Market

Who wouldn’t love a shopping spree when in Phuket? A flea market located on the outskirts of the Phuket town will make you shop your hearts out. Offering you with varieties of clothing, footwear, electronic gadgets and what not, your spree is definitely going to be worthwhile. If you are a foodie then check out the variety of seafood places and dine at some funky cafes which will make you take back memories home.

Other Places to visit in Phuket

  • Beach Clubs
  • Simon Cabaret Show
  • Elephant Sanctuaries
  • Phuket Viewpoints

Hidden Gems

Night Markets at Phuket: Relish the local foodstuff and enjoy the performances of guitarists and local singers in the night markets. Shop some authentic spices and handicrafts which will make you love your shopping spree.

Karon Viewpoint: Be ready to explore the magic of the sun setting into the Andaman Sea from the Karon Viewpoint. These hillocks will make your experience even better.

Rum Distillery Tour: Check out how Rum is made from the Thai sugarcane, so visiting the Rum Distillery will make you take glimpses of the entire process.

Patong: Famous for being called the Sin City of Thailand, Patong is a popular spot where you can find ladyboys swaying themselves on some famous beats and ping pong shows. We would recommend you visit Patong with your friends to have that extra dose of fun.

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How to reach Phuket

Nearest Airport: Phuket International Airport
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Where to stay

JW Marriott, Renaissance Phuket, Sri Panwa Phuket
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CashKaro recommendation

Phuket is all about finding tranquillity, so we recommend you try out as many massage services as you like because at the end of the day all you want is relaxation.

Eat at some authentic places where you will get the best Thai food accompanied by some great Thai pancakes.

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