dr batra

Dr. Batra’s reported a revenue of Rs. 2.25 billion in FY18, but the last two years have shown a lesser growth when compared to the Rs. 50 billion organized homeopathy market. The brand is now aiming to double its growth by betting big on the international market and increasing its range of fast-moving consumer goods. Richfeel and VLCC are already giving a tough competition to Dr. Batra’s in a few locations. Dr. Batra’s is planning to expand in three regions including Doha, Greece and Malaysia and is already following the “clinic in clinic” franchise or partnership in Bahrain. The brand is already present in London, Bangladesh, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Bahrain which account for 10 per cent of the company’s revenues. The company is planning add 35 new products and variants to the current range of hair care and skin care and reach 10,000 outlets from 6,000. Last month, it also launched a new initiative called geno-homeopathy for which it will setup a gene bank with global genomics company GeneStore. GeneStore has invested $1 million in the project and has a 1.5 million patient base. With this association, the companies are targeting to reach 100,000 lives in the very first year.
Source: Business Standard

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