How many times have you played the game with your friends that which F.R.I.E.N.D.S character do they resemble the most? How many times you wished you could sit with your friends in Central perk coffee house and share your everyday problems? Or maybe, just get an apartment with purple walls and a purple door to build memories! While all these things may not be possible soon (I am not saying never coz a girl gotta dream!), you can re-create some moments by dressing like them and heading out to a coffee house. Here’s how to live like your favourite F.R.I.E.N.D.S character:

Rachel: She was the headstrong fashionista of this iconic show. Be it overalls, well-fitted solid tees, corporate suits or skater skirts; her 90’s wardrobe was definitely something our dreams were made of. She sported one of the hottest trends of this year back at that time i.e. white sneakers.


Joey: If there’s one man who taught us that it’s okay to not feel good about sharing your food with someone else, it’s Joey. Although Joey couldn’t think past food, he still managed to have a bit distinctive style. He wore a lot of plaid shirts, shoes with thick rubber sole and turtle neck sweaters.


Pheobe: Just like her free-spirited and effervescent personality, her dressing had an eclectic flair too. No doubt, many outfits of her made hearts go pitter-pat. From blingy jewellery to stunning hair accessories, maxi dresses to choker necklace, Phoebe offered quite an undefeatable inspiration not just for trend seekers but also for style setters.


Ross: The only male character in this show who sometimes tried to push his style to another level was Ross. Shirts in winterberry shades, long coats, red sweater (we can never forget about it!) and also, a leather pant once were a few styles the ‘divorce force’ wore. He sported Caesar haircut most of the times. He sported a Caesar hairstyle most of the times and hair gel was his staple.


Monica: With her arsenal of sling bags, cardigans, boots, skinny scarves, pearl jewellery, ripped jeans and red clothes, Monica had a way of dressing that was casual yet dressy. Her style was slightly demure from the rest of the cast.


Chandler: Much like him, his sense of style was.. eccentric. Can you imagine anyone dancing on a table with a formal suit on? It’s only our own Miss Chanandler Bong who could pull that off. Chinos, tees, blazers, ties and shirts dominated his wardrobe. He paired his tee with a shirt a lot of times and showed how to layer sensibly.


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