Ever heard the phrase ‘high on food’? Turns out some people took it quite literally and gave us a heady combination of our two favourite things – food and alcohol. Here’s presenting a list of the most intoxicating drunken dishes that will make you tipsy in a few bites –

For Starters

1. Beer Popcorn

When your guests find out you’re serving a bowlful of beer soaked popcorn at the party, you’ll become the most popular host among the group.beer popcorn

2. Vodka Panipuri

How about a spicy shot of vodka where you can chow down the shot-glass as well? This is a hot twist to traditional street food and I’m loving it.

PS. This dish is a hot favorite at fine dining restaurants as well. Check out the Nearbuy coupon code that can help you save at the best restaurants around you to enjoy the dish without any efforts. Vodka Paanipuri

3. Bourbon Chai

Warming up on a cold winter’s day is that much simpler when you add a shot of bourbon to your trusty cup of tea. The clove and vanilla just add to the rich flavour.

Bourbon Chai

4. Tomato Vodka Soup

Hot soup with hotter vodka sounds like a lip-smacking, head-spinning combination. Feel the burn!

Vodka Tomato Soup

The Main Course

5. Chicken In Wine

Tender chicken soaked in some full bodied wine is a pretty sophisticated way bite into your alcohol. This is a simpler version of the French Coq Au Vin that you can make right at home.Chicken in wine

6. Drunken Noodles

My simpler version of what is probably the most famous drunken dish. This originated in China and quickly took the world by storm. Now you can find it at most fancy restaurants. It’s the perfect excuse when you promise yourself you’ll stay off the booze.Vodka Noodles

7. Penne A La Vodka

Cream, Cheese, Tomato Sauce, Vodka – These are a few of my favourite things. And, they all come together in this flavourful pasta recipe.pasta vodka

8. Alcoholic Pizza

While we’re on Italian, why not mix some vodka or beer or whiskey (or just about anything that contains alcohol), into pizza sauce and bake heavenly slices of liquor in your oven tonight.alcoholic pizza

On The Dessert Tray

9. Red Wine Popsicles

I scream, you scream, we all scream like drunken retards after we gobble up this ice-cream. Well, there’s no cream but there’s ice and there’s wine. Who needs anything else after a good meal?Wine Popsicles

10. Bourbon Poached Peaches

The humble, harmless peach gets an adult-style makeover when it soaks overnight in some bourbon. Yum!Drunken Dishes

Honestly, I can already feel a hangover setting in. What are you trying tonight?

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