AliExpress, an e-commerce platform, has announced a possibility of delay in the delivery of the placed orders, on its Facebook page. The reason behind the delay is outspread of the Coronavirus disease which has originated from Wuhan, China. Starting from December 2019, the disease has now covered more than 84 countries and affected more than 90,000 people worldwide. AliExpress declared an extension for the preparation and delivery time of orders and ensured the customers that the orders would be delivered as soon as possible.

AliExpress is a worldwide online shopping portal Ltd., by the Alibaba Group Holding, started in 2010. It has positioned itself in the markets of Russia, India, the United States, Brazil, Spain and France. It offers products at very low prices from manufacturers based in China. It charges merchants to sell its products on its online platform.

However, the Coronavirus outbreak has made people lock themselves in their houses including the employees. The manufacturers are entitled to provide masks and gloves to their workers who aren’t available due to worldwide shortage. Thus it has become difficult for manufacturers to restart their business along with maintaining safety requirements. This has led to pending orders, undelivered products and hampered business. While the demand of online products is expected to rise due to the coronavirus outbreak, as people do not prefer to leave their houses, the delay in the delivery of products turns out to be a severe problem for AliExpress.

However, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and China are not the only ones facing adverse conditions. Reports on disrupted manufacturing processes and supply chains are brought up daily. But it is predicted that the major crisis will hit in mid-March leading to manufacturing plants to shut down in the cities of the United States and Europe.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is facing one of the most challenging issues in its history of 20 years because of the outbreak of the disease.

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