Easy Snacks For The Lazy In You

Easy snacks for lazy you on Uber Eats

Cooking is definitely not everybody’s forte. A lot of people aren’t interested in it and a lot more don’t have the time to cook their favourite meals. The perfect alternative that we’ve been blessed with is Uber Eats. They can deliver our favourite snacks to us in no time, allowing the lazy in us to grow.

As bachelors, we all prefer eating snacks and quick meals that won’t take up much of our time. Spending a lot of time for cooking and then eating that meal is something the ‘adults’ can do. Here are the top 5 handy snacks perfect for a house of bachelors.


Who asked for a quick and extremely easy snack that even lazy people can put together? All you need is a pack of nachos and some store-bought salsa. And there you have it, the perfect snack for when you’re watching the match. Additionally, you can also order in the awesome Loaded Nachos using Uber Eats promo codes.

Wraps and Rolls

Healthy and tasty in one go? That’s wraps for you. This is the perfect snack for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. And whatever tastebud you have, you’ll find wraps that’ll cater to it. Get your wrap with Uber Eats offers now and enjoy in some cheap snacks.


Though the prep is tedious with momos, the taste is just as rewarding. But lucky for us, we don’t need to be involved in the prep process at all. You can just order it with Uber Eats coupon codes and enjoy a nice plate of hot momos. The perfect snack for a rainy day, dunk it in spicy Szechwan sauce and all your needs are fulfilled.


This is really a no-brainer. The easiest snack you can ever have, made in a jiffy and with the perfect taste. Fries are delicious whether had warm or cold, with dips or without any. The versatile nature of fries makes it so that no one can dislike it. Use Uber Eats coupons and Uber Eats promo codes to get your plate, or two.

Paani Puri

This is arguably the best Indian snack to ever exist. Mushed potatoes in cold and spicy jeera water encased with a crunchy exterior. It just doesn’t get better than that. There are even flavoured jeera’s, taking the dish to a whole new level. Buy it now with Uber Eats coupon codes.

For even more lazy-people snacks, head to Uber Eats. Use CashKaro’s awesome Uber Eats offers and buy everything you like. Our Uber Eats coupons will help you save massively.

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