Having pearly white teeth has always been considered as an asset as they not only indicate good oral hygiene but also add an exuberance of confidence to our persona. Most of us shy away from smiling in photographs because we’re too scared to reveal stained or yellow teeth. Thin enamel too can lead to teeth appearing yellow. With time and certain foods enamel corrodes away leaving teeth stained and unattractive.

If you’re suffering from stained or yellow teeth, check out these easy tips that will help you care for your teeth better:

Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar works as a great cleanser for both gums and teeth and can work wonders against stubborn coffee stains and even nicotine stains. However, as apple cider vinegar is high in acidity, be sure to brush your teeth after rinsing your teeth with it in order to preserve the enamel. This method requires persistence and will surely show positive results after a month or so of regular usage.

Practice Flossing


Flossing gets rid of debris and food that might be collected in gum pockets which if not properly cleansed can further erode the enamel and cause teeth to turn yellow. Practice flossing and try becoming efficient without having a mirror to guide you. This way you’ll be able to floss at on the way to work, before meetings, in your car and practically keep your teeth clean every time you munch something. This practice will surely help keep teeth whiter for longer.

Cleansing Foods


Eating certain foods further helps remove debris and are termed as detergent foods. Foods which are crunchy such as raw carrots, apples, nuts or even popcorn help cleanse the mouth when they’re eaten. Make such foods a part of your diet especially when brushing is out of the question after eating.

Tongue Cleansing


It’s not always sufficient to clean just the teeth as the tongue too harbours bacteria and germs which might harm gums and teeth in the long run. Scrap your tongue with a soft scraper every day and you can complement this practice with your brushing routine. This will surely prevent unnecessary germ build-up which might lead to yellowing of teeth. Also replace your toothbrush every three months to make sure your tongue and teeth both are clean. You can easily find good toothbrushes to buy them online at lowest prices to keep your oral hygiene in check.

Visit your Dentist


A visit to the dentist is something we all loathe but is an important practice we should uphold. A regular visit to the dentist will keep oral hygiene in check as your dentist can tackle with dental issues on time before they exacerbate. Also, your dentist can help in scaling which removes tartar build up and leads to teeth to appear white and cleansed. Book a dentist visit easily with 1mg coupons to make sure your dazzling smile is always intact.

Proper Eating Habits


It is important to follow the right food habits for winter in order to get the best results when it comes to the health of your teeth. When you eat foods with high acidity such as oranges, lemons etc. be sure to rinse with water so there is no residue. The acid in the fruits further erode the enamel which causes teeth to become yellow faster. Similarly avoid foods with high color content such as blueberries, caffeine and other substances which cause teeth to get yellow.

Follow these easy tips and you’ll definitely feel more confident with whiter teeth which will surely leave you feeling in control and in charge.

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