As kids, most of us dream of going to space and exploring what it is like on the other side. But as we grow up, we realize that becoming an astronaut requires a lot of dedication and maintaining a healthy physique. Not only that, you need to be sharp and be mentally and physically fit.

Don’t be disheartened yet! Achieving such fitness begins by eating healthy. Apricots are fruits that have a lot of benefits for your body and brain. Keep reading to know about some of the wonderful effects it has.

  • Apricots have a high Vitamin A content. Its primary benefit is the enhancement of vision. Retinol and Beta Carotene are also present in Apricots which are essential for eyes. It can prevent a disorder known as Neovascular ARMD, which can cause vision loss over the years.
  • It is very rich in fibres. This can have a direct positive effect on your heart, digestion and The fibres ensure that your bad cholesterol levels are reduced. Apricots also have a lot of potassium in them which can balance electrolyte levels in our body. This can make heart muscles healthier.
  • Low calories but high nutrient and fibre content make apricot a weight loss food. It has the ability to make one feel full quickly and thus reduces overeating.
  • The electrolyte levels, which are maintained by Potassium present in apricots, is essential for cell functioning and neurotransmission from the brain to body and back.

The high nutrient content in apricots indeed makes it a special fruit. The effects it has on the body are just unbelievable. Don’t stop dreaming yet and fulfill your dream of becoming an astronaut by working hard and eating healthy!

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