Eat Apricots And Bite Through Steel


Don’t be fooled by the soft-skin of the fruit. Apricots are powerful alkalizing fruits and full with nutrients that are good for your bones. Although the fruit itself is not available in all seasons, dried apricots can still be eaten for their benefits. Keep reading to find out how apricots can strengthen you!

  • Apricots are rich in Vitamin K. It plays a big role in regulating osteoclasts, which are bone building cells. It does this by altering osteocalcin, which is a calcium binding protein that works alongside vitamin D. Therefore, eating apricots can provide a natural source of vitamin K and can directly affect your bone building.
  • Apricots also contain copper. Most people are not aware of copper’s role in bone health. The important trace mineral plays a part in production of connective tissue by facilitating the enzyme that builds this tissue. It is crucial for maintaining bones and joints.

Apricots can also help you make your teeth stronger, although it can also be harmful due to its high sugar content. But apricots contain copper and vitamin K that are otherwise hard to find in common foods. Make full use of that and start eating apricots today!

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