Are you already missing your teens, when you had a vibrant skin? If you are craving for that clear and shiny skin, here is a solution:


You heard that right, it is possible to get back your beautiful skin with the help of almonds. Let’s see how!

  • Oxidative damage to cells is the main cause of aging. To prevent this, you need to eat foods that have higher antioxidant properties. These molecules help to inhibit oxidation and eliminate free radicals.
    Almonds are a wonderful source of these antioxidants! These antioxidants are present mostly in the brown skin of the nut.
    Studies have shown the positive results of almonds in reducing oxidative damage and thus has scientific backing to the claim.
  • Vitamin E is a fat-soluble nutrient that acts as an antioxidant. 1/4th cup of almonds can provide you with 16 mg of Vitamin E, that is almost 60% DV!
    Vitamin E helps to fight against oxidation and helps to nourish the skin. The skin is constantly hydrated and has an increased ability to heal wounds faster.

In addition to Vitamin E, almonds are a fantastic source of other antioxidants like catechin, epicatechin and flavano. Not only does this help to slow down aging, they also help to fight against skin cancer, UV light exposure and oxidative stress that results from a poor diet. Start eating almonds today and feel young again!

Tip: Do not peel off the almond skin. It is the skin that contains useful antioxidant properties that are essential for a healthy skin!

Where to Buy Almonds?

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