Eating Green with Uber Eats

healthy Food on uber Eats

Keeping fit and eating healthy has almost become a fad of late. We’ve moved a bit away from the fun and tasty McDonalds and KFC and started focusing on what actually goes into our body. Along with this comes the many healthy food eat outs and delivery places.

In our nation’s capital, there are probably about infinity + 1 healthy eat outs that were created originally for the fitness freaks. You can get healthy food delivered right to your house with the help of Uber Eats. Additionally, CashKaro’s Uber Eats promo code and Uber Eats offers will help you save a lot on your daily meals.

Here are the healthiest restaurants available on Uber Eats, Delhi

Fit Chef

This restaurant is an expert in making even healthy food taste deceptively good. They have tailored food for every person’s specific needs like muscle gain, weight loss and more. You can rest assured that when eating from here, you’ll be eating tasty and wholesome food. Buy it now using Uber Eats Offers.

What to get: Brown Rice high fibre chicken biriyani, keto butter chicken with low fat veggies.


As the name suggests, this place only serves healthy food. They have unusual combinations, but the chefs make it work. Healthie’s menu contains the Calorie information about all the food available. Try it out with Uber Eats coupons.

What to get: Black Rice Khichdi, Protein Bowl

Bombay Sandwich Company

Full of sandwiches, this restaurant is for when you really want your cheat day to come, but you need to wait for that. Their food is very deceptive and looks too good for it to be ‘healthy’. Get a sandwich now with Uber Eats promo.

Keto Garden

Keto and Paleo diets are extremely popular of late and more people have started to follow this eating plan. For this, Keto Garden has a huge menu filled with dishes that suits a keto diet. You can try out the Keto Diet with Uber eats promo code from CashKaro for awesome offers and discounts.

Head to CashKaro’s Uber Eats page to find a lot more Uber Eats promos which you can use on future orders. Eat right and eat healthy the uber way. Buy now with Uber Eats coupons!

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