About Electronics For You

Electronics For You magazine is known for its cutting-edge technological information about latest products and trends. The magazine reaches out to industry professionals, design engineers, businessmen, and hobbyists. It is South Asia’s most popular electronic magazine.

Founded In: January, 1969
Founder: S.P. Chopra, Veena Khanna
Owned by: EFY Group
Publisher: EFY Group Publications
Issued: Monthly
Editorial Director: Mr. Rahul Chopra
Languages Available: English
Readership: 5,00,000
Annual Subscription Price: ₹ 1,200
CashKaro Price: ₹94 (annual)

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Topics Electronics For You Cover

As the name suggests, Electronics For You is a magazine that covers all the latest technology related information. Their primary goal is to help their readers gain the information about the electronic world. You can completely rely on the magazine if you need to buy any electronic product in the market as it provides detailed information on all products. Here are some topics the magazine covers:

  • Latest electronic products in the market
  • Latest electronic trend in the market
  • Information about the electronic industry
  • Electronic Tech news
  • Latest electronic innovations

Buying Electronic Magazines

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