English Words You Didn’t Know Have Indian Origin

People want to talk in english, walk in english and what not in english. British ruled over us for more than 200 years. When they left, they not only took the Kohinoor but also some of the Hindi words that laid the foundation for their English counterparts. Some of them are:

english word hindi 1
Mere pass paisa hai, Bangla hai, gadi hai! Tumhare pass kya hai?
english word hindi 2
Jagga daku dakait karne aagaya hai
english word hindi 3
Jangal jangal baat chali hai pata chala hai, Chaddi pehen kar phool khila hai
english word hindi 4
Is it like Nirvana? Hit me harder! How deep is your love?
english word hindi 5
Pyjama Party & Pyjama Dance
english word hindi 6
Indians are the real thug *Thug Life music*
english word hindi 7
Tere-Mere beech mein kya hai? Veranda
english word hindi 8
Aaj kuch toofani karte hain
english word hindi 9
Mera beta champo nahi hai
english word hindi 10
At the end, you’d just say karma is a ditch 😛
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