Enticing Thriller Books to Keep You on the Edge

Best Thriller Books

Are you looking for some intriguing thriller book recommendations to binge read during your spare time? Check out the popular titles curated here to satiate your need for an enticing thriller plot. Read mysterious narratives that involve suspense, crime, conspiracy, and revenge to break free from your monotonous routine. We’re sure you won’t be able to keep your hands off them for long.

Best Thriller Books

1. And Then There Were None

This books by Agatha Christie is one of the masterpieces in the thriller genre. The plot settles in the latter half of the 1930s at an isolated island near the Devon coast. Mrs and Mr U N Owen invite ten strangers in different ways to this island which is cut-off from the mainland. While the hosts are absent, they have left some instructions for their guests. On their first night, each guest is accused of committing a heinous crime and thus begins a series of ruthless murders.

Ingenious Thriller

This book was described as the most challenging books penned by Agatha Christie and had an ingenious plot.

Editor’s Choice

2. The Mysterious Affair at Styles

This book by Agatha Christie introduces one of the most intelligent and admired private detectives – Hercule Poirot and is set at Styles, Essex. Emily Inglethorp, the rich elderly mistress of the Styles Court Manor, has been found dead. She is suspected to be poisoned, which leads to Hercule Poirot being called upon by the manor guest Captain Hastings. While Poirot has retired to lead a normal life, yet he steps in to catch the killer.

Unravel The Deceit

This book will grip you till the end as the mystery of this deceitful murder begins unfolding.

Popular In Thriller

3. The Woman in the Window

Soaked in the mysterious air, this book by Dan Mallory should be on your to-read list. Written under his pen name A. J. Finn, the plot of this book revolves around a woman Anna Fox, who has captivated herself in her old New York house for the past ten months. Soon a family moves in her neighborhood, and she is drawn towards them. She would often sit by the window, recount her memories and watch her neighbors through a window at her house, which has been the woman’s only contact with the outside world. But one evening, she witnesses something gruesome following a piercing scream and must do everything to find the truth.

Psychological Thriller

This book is a compelling psychological thriller that has a tense, twisty and riveting plotline.

Reader’s Choice

4. The Silent Patient

Alicia Berenson is a renowned painter, who is accused of murdering her husband, Gabriel Berenson. She shoots him five times and refuses to speak another word. Instead of being held captive at a prison, she is sent to a secure forensic unit where she meets Theo Faber, a psychotherapist. Having a keen interest in Berenson’s case, Faber tries to make Alicia speak, only to fail multiple times. He then turns to Alicia’s cousin, who tells him about Alicia’s traumatic childhood experiences. In a last attempt to make her talk, he narrates the entire episode from her childhood which makes her reveal she had seen a masked man enter her house and then murdered Gabriel. Her struggle to get justice will lead investigators to find the real culprit soon.

Acclaimed Title

Reviewed by famous thriller authors, this book by Alex Michaelides is one of the most acclaimed titles to be picked across the world.

Best in Thriller

5. The Girl Who Lived

Faith Winters was the only survivor of the killings when she lost her father, sister, best friend and the friend’s mother. Ten years later, she is released from the psychiatric hospital and lands at her hometown, which would be the last place on earth she wanted to be. Consumed by survivor’s guilt, she takes refuge in alcoholism and wanton, but she never found solace there. Realizations dawn upon her and Winters embarks on a journey to track down the killer, unknown that she was the one who was being hunted and not the other way round.

Perfect Page-Turner

This book by Christopher Greyson is a perfect page-turner for those who wish to read an unconventional thriller plot.

Next Best

6. Gone Girl

Nick Dunne loves his wife Amy, but on the morning of their fifth anniversary, she disappears without a trace. A panic-stricken Nick is the main suspect. It is further revealed that Amy was afraid of him, and she kept some secrets from him. The investigation turns around when police find strange search results on the computer, and Nick claims he didn’t make them. What happened to Amy?

Noirish Thriller

The book by Gyllian Flynn highlights the cynical aspect of the crime thriller genre and is a perfect noirish thriller with a sleazy plot.

Popular Choice

7. The Girl on the Train

Written by Paula Hawkins, this novel has the perfect blend of a thriller, suspense, crime and murder mystery. Rachel had an ideal life with her husband, who soon left her for another woman. Seeking solace in alcoholism, she loses her job but never fails to take a train to London every day. The vehicle crosses her husband’s house, yet a home close to his intrigues her. The people of this house have a perfect and happy life, only if Rachel could have that as well. While Rachel takes her regular commuter train, she sees something shocking that catches her attention that changes everything in her life and of those related to her directly and indirectly.

Tale Of Secrets

This novel by Hawkins outlines a chilling plot full of secrets, betrayal and gruesome murders.

Most Loved

8. My Sister’s Grave

Tracy Crosswhite seeks some answers post her sister’s murder. She has dedicated twenty years of her life to find the facts that relate to her sister Sarah’s disappearance and the murder trial. While the police had captured a convict, Tracy doesn’t believe that he is the one who kidnapped and killed her sister. The only way left for her is to become a homicide detective and track down her killers, unknown to the deadly danger that lurks deep down the chain.

Thrilling Plot

This novel by Robert Dugoni combines the legal aspect of the crime with an exceptional investigation by the police to bring out the best plot.

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