What do you use to improve the prospecting process of your business? Are you using social media marketing? Or maybe you’re into email marketing? Although these methods are effective, you’re missing a whole lot of opportunities if you don’t leverage sales through voice mails to increase your business customers.

Voice mail remains a valuable tool for generating sales in a society where text messages, social media, and email have become a trend. The success of voice mails depends on your strategic approach.

The ability of your salespeople to leave compelling messages through voice mail can significantly impact your effort of increasing customers for your products and services. That said, you have to start taking advantage of power dialer systems that would allow you to connect with your prospects efficiently.

Still not convinced about the power of voice mails? Do they really work? Here’s what you need to know:

Voice Mails Let You Cultivate Relationships With Prospects.

Establishing context for your voice mail is easy, and it allows your message to stand out with prospects. Did the prospect accept a LinkedIn invite or download an ebook from you? You can mention these things to build a connection with your prospective buyer.

Voice mails are an excellent way to build a relationship with the prospect before you finally hop on a call together.

Voice Mails Help Prospects Realize The Benefits Of Using Your Product Or Service.

Prospects only care about themselves and the benefits you can bring to them. A voice mail that clearly states how your product or service can help the prospects is an excellent way to warm them up before proceeding with the next phase of your sales funnel.

Will your product or service help them be more productive in less time? Will the job of your prospects become easier? If your sales voice mail contains these things, then you can turn your prospects into customers quickly.

Voice Mails Show That You Care.

Hopping on a call with your prospect for the first time without leaving a voice mail would send a message that you aren’t important. Furthermore, not leaving a voice mail on the succeeding calls would make the prospect feel unimportant.

Careful prospecting means showing you care, and voice mails can help you do it. The right voice mail after every call would let your prospects know that they’re worth your time and effort and that you value the relationship you have with them.

Testing Voice Mail Variations Is Easy.

Different variations of voice mail can produce different results. Fortunately, testing these variations is easy. You can experiment with your voice mails using the best dialer platforms available.

You can check different voice mails or a combination of them by tracking the response rate so you’ll have an idea which tactics are more effective. Testing voice mail variations would lead you to the perfect strategy for more conversations with prospects, and ultimately more sales.

Voice Mails Can Help You Discover The Strategic Times To Call Prospects.

There’s always a perfect time to reach out to prospects, and you’ll discover this based on the response rate you’re getting from your voice mails. As previously mentioned, it helps to perform some A/B testing, and strategic times to call can be variations you may want to look into moving forward.

Ideally, you have to be well aware of the time zone of the area where your prospect is located. Will the prospect better respond in the morning or at night?

Learn more about their behavior using voice mails. As a general rule, though, take the privacy of your prospects into consideration during specific times of the day, or you’ll end up losing a potential customer.

A Voice Mail Is Another Touch To Turn Prospects Into Customers.

Are you familiar with the eight touches of a sales funnel? It takes at least eight touches for a prospect to move down the funnel and become a customer for your business. An excellent voice mail is another touch, and when done right, it can speed up the sales conversion.

It Automates The Whole Process Of Prospecting.

All of the things mentioned above can be automated using modern voice mail technologies, and it takes a lot of pressure from you as a business owner.

Voice mail automation can fire up your efficiency, personally connect with your prospects, and lets you record that perfect voice mail that you can use for every prospect. The whole process of increasing your business customers can be streamlined if you know how to use voice mail to your advantage.

Final Thoughts

A compelling voice mail can be the difference between missing and hitting your sales goals. Voice mails add value to your marketing strategy that leads to your prospects calling you back. Hence, they’re essential.

However, take note that you need the right approach coupled with diligence to enjoy an increase in your business customers when prospect targeting through a voice mail.

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