Ethic Kurta brands on NNNOW

The good thing about country is that it is always festive season. One should have a good variety of kurta’s and other ethnic clothes in their wardrobe to choose from. Whether it’s a kurta for office wear, just a casual hangout with friends or a small traditional custom / festival – NNNOW gives you the best options. Here are three handpicked brands on NNNOW just for you:


Minimalistic glam and Karigari are almost synonymous. They offer a wide range of comfy kurtas which are versatile for everyday wear and any special occasion. Karigari offers all designs at affordable prices making it hard to ignore. They have excellent quality and fabric texture which makes all their clothes super comfortable. The designs are carefully mastered and are a glamorous mix of prints and patterns and all clothes exude the Indian element.


This brand really focuses on traditional heritage. It features embroidery, prints and patterns with fine artisan skills which are meticulously crafted on to the finest fabrics to give the pure ethnic vibe to all their products. The clothes come in a variety of fabrics with rich detailing’s on contemporary silhouettes making them very easy to wear. Their designs are timeless to fit all occasions.

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Happy Shopping!

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