We get it! Passport size pictures are not exactly glamour shots but it can get challenging to look like a presentable human being in them. Be it bad lighting or ratty photographers, getting away with a good passport picture is nothing short of a miracle. But what if I told you that with some beauty tips you can actually manage to look good in it? Here are some simple tips which will help you transform the look of your passport size photo:

Hide blemishes

Breakouts are no fun. To hide blemishes properly without creating a cakey effect, it is important that you moisturize your skin well. Add concealer after foundation to get a camera-worthy coverage and set it with powder to make it last. To neutralize redness, you can also use a green corrector.


Cover dark circles

First, use eye drops to reduce redness in your eyes and make them clear. Ensure that you use them before you start with your makeup as they are more likely to travel down the eyes. To hide dark circles and bags under the eyes, use a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone. It will brighten up your under-eye area. If you have heavy dark circles, use an orange corrector before applying concealer to cancel the blue-purple undertones.


Pay attention to eyebrows

Eyebrows act as a picture frame for the face. The difference that groomed and filled in eyebrows make is amazing. Fill in your brows using brow powder or pencil. You can even set them with a clear eyebrow gel to hold them in place.


Sculpt your face and add color

To avoid looking washed out, contour your face with a light hand. Do not aim for strong makeup that drastically changes your look. Given the fact that your passport size pictures are used for identification purpose, you want to look like yourself. Add flush to your cheeks by dusting a warm shade.


Subtle lipstick shade

“My lips but better” should be your mantra here. Opt for a lipstick shade that is close to the natural shade of your lips.

Bring down the shine

It is important to tone down the shine as flash can translate dewy makeup to oily makeup. Steer clear of highlighters. Pat loose powder over your base to create a natural look.



It is important to keep your hair off your face and tuck them behind your ears as it is the requirement. Skip fancy hairstyles. Work with the texture you have by using products meant for your hair type.

Perfect your angle and expression

If you live somewhere which doesn’t allow smiling in identification pictures, it can be hard to not look like an offender. Spend some minutes in front of a mirror on practicing your expressions and finding a suitable angle. Take some shots of yourself with your camera by using the timer feature.


Timeless clothing

Avoid wearing white as it can blend in with the background. Opt for a solid-colored shirt with either a scoop neck or v-neck.

If you have any other tips to add to this list, please drop them in the comments section below!

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