Exclusive Images: Revealing Oppo’s Foldable Smartphone Patents

Oppo’s Foldable Smartphone Patents

While top electronics manufacturers like Samsung, Apple and Google have been in a race to patent foldable prototypes, Oppo too is reportedly working on similar lines. As per the reports, Oppo has recently filed for some new patents for its latest foldable smartphone design.

Recently, websites like IndianExpress had stated that Oppo has filed for some new patents that revealed numerous details about the design of this phone. The revelations include features like the phone’s sliding system with a second display panel. According to the reports, the new smartphone features this secondary display panel in place of the usual pop-camera module.

Oppo Fold Airbags

The device is anticipated to be second in the line of Oppo Find series, the first of which was launched last year. Here are a few prototypes that have recently been filed by Oppo:

From these designs, we can easily decipher that Oppo’s new smartphone will feature a sliding camera with 3 punch holes. The latest reveals by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) – a provider of International Intellectual Property Services in China, also show that the new smartphone contains a rotating hinge that can transform the phone into a tablet as per the convenience of the user. Apart from this a few renders by LetsGoDigital show that the phone will also feature two airbags that will provide the screen with even more flexibility to bend. This alternative may also help the screen to remain damage free in the long run – a problem other manufacturers have been facing while designing the foldable smartphones.


The durability of this phone is still unknown, but this design is sure to take the whole smartphone industry by storm.

Niharika (CK Book Critic)

Niharika (CK Book Critic)

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