Exclusive New Year’s Parties in Delhi to Begin the Decade With

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Around the world, there are many new years traditions that have been present for a long time. Some are strange and others are stranger, but they’re all a customary part to the celebrations. Of late, the biggest tradition that’s popular around the world is to attend New Years Parties.

When the countdown begins, you’d obviously want to be around your friends and the ones you love right. The best place for this is New Years Parties which there are many of all through town. And if you haven’t made plans for New Years, you’ve got to get on it, but you’re still not late.

BookMyShow is the best place to get your tickets for these parties. Book it with CashKaro’s BookMyShow offers. Using our BookMyShow promo codes will fetch you amazing cashback and discounts. Here are some of the places to be, in Delhi, as 2020 begins.

Red & Black 2020

Happening at Hyatt Place Gurgaon, this event is a classy black-tie event. With an amazing DJ, groovy music and an endless feast, this party will not disappoint. A 12-hour ordeal, there won’t be an end of things you can do. Have fun with your close friends at this party. Get your tickets now with BookMyShow coupon code.

Exclusive New Years Event at Tehri Lake

This is not your typical party. A sort of closed party, you will be able to enjoy the coming year with only 59 other people in the wilderness. Experience a surreal bonfire and the tranquillity of nature when the new year comes. You can pitch a tent at the Tehri Dam and spend a lovely 12 hours there. Book now with BookMyShow coupons can land big cashback offers!

New Year Carnival at Aqua Splash Camp

Who doesn’t want to partake in a carnival-like celebration on New Years? The carnival starts a week previously on Christmas eve and continues till New Year’s Day. You can join in on the fun any day of your choosing. Get your tickets with BookMyShow coupon codes.

New Year’s Masquerade Party

A formal, masked event, this party is a once in a lifetime thing. Complete with unlimited booze and a full breakfast in the morning, this party has it all. Book your ticket now and use CashKaro’s BookMyShow promo code for some amazing deals.

There are many New Years Parties around the city. CashKaro’s BookMyShow coupons will allow you to book tickets for a steal. Check out our page now and avail a lot more BookMyShow Offers.

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